How to become an authentic presenter

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OK, I have an issue with the title of this blog.


I am a coach, and language to me is everything. The words that people choose tell me exactly what is going on underneath the surface. They are a doorway to the limiting beliefs they have about themselves.


If someone tells me they want to become something or be something in the future, it tells me they are operating from a position of lack. That they don't believe they are already it. That they are striving to get it.


And when it comes to authenticity (which is all about being who you are), the juxtaposition of becoming authentic is so paradoxical that it makes my brain want to slide out of my head.


Surely, we should already be who we are, right?


To answer that question, let's get a bit poetic.


Imagine that, when you are born, you have a beautiful ball of light that shines bright, full of energy and potential.

This ball of light makes you feel whole, complete and loved.

However, soon you realise the world is unsafe.

You put the ball of light into a clear box, so it is protected, but everyone can still see it.

Over the years, people tell you that your light is too bright.

That it is too much.

That it should be different.

People laugh at your light.

They ridicule it.

They say it is stupid.

This hurts you deep in your soul.

You love your light. But you start to doubt it.

You start to expect others to ridicule it.

You protect; you shield your light from others.

Slowly covering over your box.

Creating a thick skin.

Hiding the light.

Protecting it.

Shielding it away, deep inside.

Where no one can see it and hurt you.


The light I talk about is what I call your "Presenting Power", the unique strength that defines you when performing at your best. You, when you are fully confident. When you are laughing and joking with people you feel entirely yourself with. In your flow, fully present.


Everyone has this light already inside of them.


This is your authentic self.


Which word describes who you are?


Who you are when there is no perceived pressure to be something different.


Who you are when you are not trying to fit in.


Who you are when you are not thinking, "I have to, I must, or I should" (which, for most people, is most of the time).


Who you are, when you let your ball of light shine bright.


So who are you, at your very best?


And how can you pour that energy into your conversations this week?


With friends and family.

With colleagues and leaders.

In meetings and presentations.


Speak with your Presenting Power.


And feel the difference it makes to you and others.


Have a wonderful week ahead.






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