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Find out how real people made £millions, shattered glass ceilings and achieved "life-changing" transformations with our public speaking and sales programmes.


Success Stories from our Powerful Presenting Programme


"I used the influencing techniques I learned in our coaching sessions to pitch for research funding, and received £1,000,000."

William Frier, Senior Haptics Engineer, Ultraleap

Powerful Presenting 1-1 Coaching  

"I got rid of critical thoughts and confidently delivered global webinars to over 200 people, many of them senior.

100% rated me relevant and engaging. I now believe in myself."

Yeimy Nempeque, Regional Head of Admissions, South America, ISP.

Powerful Presenting 1-1 Coaching

"The course has been so insightful and so powerful at reinforcing the power of our minds. Thank you so much for taking me up a level as a presenter and making me a more aware person!"

Roseanne Finch, Commercial Operations Lead, Reframe.   

Powerful Presenting Online Course

“Learning the proper way in which to structure a presentation was immensely helpful. The simple and replicable way in which you can devise the Call to Action, topics, title and hook has been helpful and made me feel more confident in the success of my presentations."

Charis Darninsuang, Associate Director, QS

Powerful Presenting Team Training

"The confidence that has come from the coaching sessions has been life-changing. I learnt that I belong and that I am not an impostor. 

Since the coaching I was promoted and got a position on the board for Disability North.” 

Tony Neal, Shadow Board Member and Disability Co-chair. NHS

Powerful Presenting Team Training & Coaching Package

"The coaching was engaging, inspiring and educational.

After the sessions, for the first time ever, I felt relaxed. It was the least nervous I had felt in front of the biggest audience: 1000 people"

Dan Britton, Associate Director of Operations, NHS

Powerful Presenting Team Training & Coaching Package


"A massive thank you for all of your help and support. It really couldn’t have come at a better time! You’ve really helped me to improve not only my presentation skills but also my confidence. The course empowered me to be my best self and be comfortable presenting as me. Plus, I put the techniques into action... and got the promotion!”

Ashleigh MacFadyen, Service Improvement Lead, NHS 

Powerful Presenting Virtual Team Training


"Before I started the programme, I was finding it difficult presenting to senior leaders, especially if I got tough or off-topic questions. During the course, I learnt how to respond to unexpected, triggering questions, how to influence using the power of persuasion, how to assertively ask for what I want, how my negative self-talk triggers a downwards confidence spiral... and how to change it. And I discovered the great talent I have within me: my presenting power." "

Ali Boehler, IT Senior Associate, Elanco

Powerful Presenting 1-1 Coaching

"This course is guaranteed to improve the way you present. You will be a more accomplished speaker with a greater understanding of you can make an impact on your audience.

It was amazing watching my colleagues blossom and develop in such a short space of time. I now feel better prepared to make an impact, and more confident in presenting without being fully dependent on notes."

Hassan Kajee, DDaT Programme Senior Responsible Officer Northumbria University Board Member 

Powerful Presenting Team Training & Coaching Package

The Powerful Presenting Masterclass has really put me in touch with my inner confidence and the tools I need to ensure my presentations go smoothly. For the first time, I stood up and presented with no nerves, just steady confidence born from being authentically me. Jen, by sharing her experiences of presenting and mental challenges, really allows everyone to participate and grow into the course. Highly recommended! "

Jason Harper, Primary Care Services Transformation Lead, NHS

Powerful Presenting Team Training & Coaching Package

"Jen has literally changed my life with her approach on this course. Not just from a work perspective but also from a personal development point of view. Since doing the course, I am no longer worried about being asked to do a presentation to any audience.

I learnt how to structure a presentation and plan the content from the audience's perspective, not my own. I'm also now much more aware of my mindset and how not to talk to myself negatively. I've learned that my confidence grows when I feel more positive about myself or about the presentation I'm delivering.

Self-care, as part of the mindset discussions during my 121 sessions with Jen, has made a massive difference to me. Not just from a presentation perspective but wider in my everyday life. Thank you so much for this - it really did make a huge difference :) I can't recommend Jen and her brilliant course enough."

Tony Webb, LGBTQ+ Network Co-Chair and Shadow Board Representative, 

Powerful Presenting Team Training & Coaching Package


Success Stories from our Sales Training Programmes

"We reached out to Jen because at the time we did not have an established sales process and our value proposition was undefined and vague. Many of our team did not feel confident prospecting, selling and asking the right questions to find new opportunities. 

Jen put in place a 12-month programme, focused on new business development. We started by creating a sales strategy, setting individual monthly sales targets and defining our value proposition. 

The impact has been great. We are now completely clear about our targets and what is expected of us. We are working really well as a team and are now in the habit of driving and monitoring our new business pipeline.

One of our team confidently negotiated her first big sale, bringing 50k in to the business.

Our processes are now defined and we feel much more confident in our ability to sell our services and talk about what we do. 

Overall, during the time we worked with Jen we achieved 200% of our new business target."

Roy Bidder, Operations Leadership, SustainIt 

"During the programme, my average sales order value went from £1000s to £10,000s. 

I finally have a proven, repeatable sales process and am hitting targets."

Emily Jones, Sales Director at Hullo Creative.

Jen breaks down the process of sales into an easy to understand and apply format that puts the customer front and centre.

Her warm and collaborative style quickly put me at ease and made the sessions feel like a conversation and not just a teaching environment.

I would recommend this course to anyone in a sales role, especially where doing the same as you always have isn't getting the results you want. 

I've tripled the number of quality proposals I create in a week."

Emma Tilbrook, Principal Consultant, Eunomia

Jen supported a number of my Managers to develop the coaching skills they required to support numerous Account Executives, spending time with these Managers and the Account Executives.

Jen also supported the training of a number of our new recruits who joined FedEx during this time.

She played a key role in supporting the development and delivery of an Emotional Intelligence Conference, which was attended by Sales Managers and Directors from across Europe. 

Her commitment, energy and enthusiasm for Coaching is boundless and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other Individuals or Companies looking for a Coaching Specialist

Martin Davidian, Managing Director - Sales, FedEx


"Jennifer is one of the strongest and most motivated coaching professionals I ever met in my professional life.

She is highly energetic and extremely focused on the target she has. Jennifer never gives up and, once engaged, she's the best asset you may desire"

Carlo Novi, Managing Director WorldWide Sales, Fedex

"ISP worked with Jen and her company on creating some very powerful Sales Training courses and content over several years. Her approach is super professional, and she can move people into action with her powerful courses and sales tactics that she teaches and promotes.

Jen's creative and positive approach will shift your company and your employees' mindset. She creates a great learning environment full of fresh, dynamic ideas that change how people think, feel and act.

She knows how to influence and empower people to perform their best game, and everything is tailored to your company's product and culture."

Alicja Pistilli, Senior Marketing Consultant, International Schools Partnership

"Jen is a fantastic sales trainer and coach. I had the pleasure of attending various FedEx training courses and work shops hosted and organised by Jen.

She has a great ability to inject energy into a room, whether it contains 3 or 300 people and is a master at making content accessible and digestible to all groups, whether you are starting out in your sales career or a 30 year veteran.

I would be more than happy to work with/participate in training hosted by Jen in the future."

Tom Fitch, Global Solutions and Sales Executive, Fedex

"I would highly recommend Jen as a trainer in all aspects of sales!!

We’ve had fabulous courses on multiple sales habits which has helped me massively in my Account Manager role! As with all Jen's training I have had over the past year, I will continue to use all my daily sales habits in my every day account management and look forward to the benefits it's continuing to bring! 


Hannah Headford, UK Account Manager, Vivona Brands

"Jen is an immensely capable and professional trainer of both sales and client-facing teams.

Jen’s team and individual training courses are grounded in strong frameworks and theories, but importantly she brings a strong practical edge, informed by her own high-performing sales experience…

We are seeing excellent individual and team results as a result of our engagement."

Andy Nicol, Divisional CEO, International Schools Partnership

"Jen's approach to training and coaching will evolve with you.

She's hyperaware of your needs and will change her approach accordingly - the sign of a true expert in their field!

The lessons I've learnt during this course are not only applicable to my professional life, but my personal life too. Thanks Jen!"

Lucy Eggleston, Sustainability Lead, Eunomia

"Jen is an absolute dream to work with and a fantastic role model of the ISP learner in action.

Thank you for your collaboration and can-do attitude!"

Sarah Brown, Head of Learning and Development, International Schools Partnership

"My team in South Africa have benefited from an extensive Sales Course facilitated by Jen.

She is an absolute professional, highly motivational, and the feedback from the team was very positive.

Her commitment to each and every individual on the course and inclusive approach generated excellent results.

I can happily recommend Jen."

Simon Davies, Sales Director, Supaswift

"I would highly recommend Jen to anyone working in a sales role at any level.

The training felt very bespoke, and I made quick gains from the sessions.

Jen's sessions and materials made me feel very motivated and ready to get selling."

Laura Williams, Senior Consultant, Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd

"I approached Jen because I had experienced her in action and I wanted to grow my business with more clients. At the time I wasn’t sure how to close sales effectively and since I didn’t want to impose my services onto others, I would not follow up with a call or email after sending proposals. As an effect I was missing out on many opportunities.

Jen helped me by providing me not just with tools and techniques to get more clients but she also allowed me to shift my mindset in regards to how I looked at sales.

Now I really feel relaxed and natural in meetings and have seen great results: I am fully booked for the next two months! It allowed me to see myself as the prize, understand the value I bring and detach myself from the outcome.

One thing I really liked was the interactivity, NLP techniques, coaching and real life application that allowed me to put it all into practice I found the experience life changing, eye-opening and empowering.

I would recommend CreativeMind to anyone looking get more clients in a way that feels confident, natural and easy. Thanks Jen, it was a game changing experience!"

Lidia Drewiecka, Digital Marketing Expert, IdeaSquares


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