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Explore our tailored learning programmes to transform your public speaking, sales, or mindset. Whether you are looking for team training, personalised coaching, or online courses, we have the perfect programme for you.

Available as team training, 1-1 coaching and online course

The Powerful Presenting MasterClass

Want to speak confidently in public, capture attention and influence audiences with impact? The Powerful Presenting MasterClass challenges mindsets, boosts confidence and has deep, long-lasting results. 

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1-1 Coaching

Book one of our coaching programmes to experience 1-1 learning with our lead coach, Jen Wagstaff. We specialise in coaching public speaking, sales, strategy, mindset and interview technique.

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Available as team training, 1-1 coaching and online course

Sales Boost Workshop

Want new, ideal leads, fast? In this hands-on, practical workshop and 12-week accountability programme, we work with real goals and territories to help your sales team develop sales strategy, create beautiful prospecting communication, and find new opportunities, fast.

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Available as team training, 1-1 coaching and online course

Inspirational Selling Programme

Want to fall in love with sales and master the sales conversation? Our Inspirational Selling programme is an engaging, step-by-step practical guide to the sales conversation from first contact to close, tailored to each individual's strengths.

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Available as team training and 1-1 coaching

Bespoke learning: Build your own programme

See our full list of modules and build your own programme, perfectly tailored to your needs.

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