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Heather Vincent

Training and Events Manager

Lauren Poole

Copywriter & Marketer

Emma O'Connell

Ops Geek & Strategist


Meet your coach and trainer.

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Jen Wagstaff

Presenting, mindset and sales coach

In the early days (after I cut off my student dreadlocks and "got a real job") I worked in sales at FedEx, where I rose to the top 5% of salespeople globally and won an award called “President’s Club” and an all-expenses paid holiday to Hawaii. Nice!

I was promoted at the age of 25 to be the youngest sales trainer ever to cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa for FedEx. Here, I spent five years delivering training for the 1500-strong sales and leadership teams, overachieving my target for 21 consecutive quarters.  

Now I run CreativeMind Training, where I have consulted, coached and trained over 3000 people, in 6 continents and over 40 countries; many FTSE500. I authored the Top Performer Journal, created the Powerful Presenting Masterclass and deliver live training and coaching to teams across the globe. And the best part - I love every moment of it!

But this is just my work and some credibility-building statistics. Scroll down to find out more about the "me" outside of work...

A few more facts about Jen...

"I live in Bristol, UK with two young children, one middle-aged husband and an old dog called Scraps.

I was chased by a warthog whilst presenting in South Africa. I spent the night in a Portuguese police station. And I once passed out on stage and had to be taken to a Belgium hospital.

My very eclectic mix of hobbies includes yoga, West African dance (you can find me performing at the festivals in the summer!), bouldering, mountain biking and reading.

Although I have designed sales training for some of the biggest global brands, my hardest job was looking after “two under two” in lockdown.

No more dreadlocks, but I still change my hair quite regularly... can you tell?"

Jen's story

Watch Jen's welcome video, taken from our Powerful Presenting MasterClass


The geeky bit...

"My philosophy is always to be learning, developing and growing. Here's how I’ve been doing that, so I can best serve you."

  • BA Business Management (European)

  • Certificate in Advanced Psychological Coaching

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

  • Certificate in Problem Focused Counselling, Coaching and Training

  • Certificate in Stress Management

  • Certificate in Performance Coaching

  • Prince2 Project Management Practitioner

  • NLP Practitioner

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner

CreativeMind Values

Our values help us stay focused on what we help you to achieve. They underpin every decision we make. 

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