Sales Boost Workshop 

A hands-on 12 week strategy and prospecting programme to help your team generate ideal leads fast.


Type of learning: Team training & coaching

Method: Face-to-face or Virtual

Length: 12 Weeks

Trainer: Jen Wagstaff

Training Coordinator: Heather Vincent

Sales Boost is also available as 1-1 bespoke coaching. For instant booking, click the button below.



A hands-on, practical workshop and 12-week accountability programme.

We work with real goals and territories to help your sales team develop sales strategy, create beautiful prospecting communication, and get new leads fast. 


Programme Goals

By the end of this programme, each participant will:

  • Break down their sales goal and create a plan to achieve it
  • Have a full understanding of their ideal clients and where they are located
  • Create a territory plan to maximise opportunities and target more ideal clients
  • Embed great sales habits into their daily routines
  • Learn the secrets of powerful, influential communication
  • Practically create outreach campaigns to¬†target ideal¬†prospects on their territory.

Learning Content

Module 1: A Focused Strategy

  • Revenue: Break down territory revenue goals and gaps.¬†
  • Ideal customer:¬†Who are current ideal and non-ideal customers (low effort, high gain)
  • SWOT Analysis: Analyse¬†sales revenue, trends, and leads. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • New¬†goals based on analysis.¬†

 Module 2: Prospect Like a Pro

  • Prospect like a Pro: Create Prospecting lists (A-lists) for ideal customers based on territory objectives.
  • A tailored outreach: Learn how to tailor outreach to territory goals, strengths and opportunities and capture attention through personalisation and value.
  • Prioritize prospecting tasks

Module 3: Powerful, Influential Communication

  • Understand how¬†mindset influences communication
  • Explore the language of persuasion, influence and assertiveness
  • Learn powerful words and phrases that improve credibility, enhance status and influence¬†your prospect to say yes

Module 4: Hands-on outreach

  • Practice¬†using creative prospecting ideas
  • Re-write emails that had a negative outcome to better influence.
  • Put everything into practice. Write influential, assertive outreach emails to new prospects on the territory, aligned with the SWOT,¬†sales plan and goals.

Word on the street...

"Excellent results across 230 participants globally."

Andy Nicol, Div. CEO Asia, International Schools Patnership


"Strong, motivational, professional training"

Carlo Novi, Global Sales Director, FedEx

"We achieved 200% of our new business target"

Roy Bidder, Managing Director, SustainIt

Want to know more?

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with your trainer, Jen Wagstaff, to ask questions and understand if¬†the programme is right for your team. Alternatively, you can email¬†[email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sales Boost: 1-1 Coaching

Sales Boost is available as team training, or individual coaching. If you are looking for the 1-1 coaching programme, book directly online, or schedule a call with Jen to find out more.