Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke, interactive, highly engaging live programmes tailored to your team’s needs.



Build your own.

Type of learning: Bespoke, interactive, highly engaging live programmes tailored to your team’s needs. Also available as 1-1 coaching.

Method: Virtual and/or Face to Face.

Trainer: Jen Wagstaff

Training Coordinator: Heather Vincent

Programme Length: 6 weeks to long-term support. 

For team training, follow the three steps below to build your ideal programme from the modules listed.

For 1-1 bespoke coaching, you can book directly here.

Book 1-1 Coaching

Step 1: Book a call with our lead trainer

Schedule a friendly chat with our lead trainer, Jen Wagstaff, to discuss your team’s training needs, objectives and goals.

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Step 2: Choose your Modules

Next, choose your modules from list below. If you are not sure, please call us; we can do the training needs analysis for you, suggest modules and/or create ongoing, long-term programmes to suit your needs.

Setting up for Success

1. A Focused Sales Strategy: Break down sales goals, identify ideal prospects, expand networks, increase referrals and create a prospecting strategy to achieve your sales goals.

2. Mindset and Influence: Learn the 6 mindset principles of a high-performing salesperson. Build motivation, resilience and the power of influence, increase confidence, belief and the assertiveness to ask for what you want.

3. Powerful Communication: Master the language of persuasion, influence and assertiveness. Learn powerful words and phrases that improve your credibility, enhance your status and influence positive outcomes.

4. Great Sales Habits: Increase productivity and improve time management, learn the daily habits of high performance, prioritise money making tasks, increase prospecting activity and improve call-to-close ratios. 

5. Behavioural Styles: Discover which behavioural style you are, and look at how you can adapt your message and technique to connect with prospects and customers of a different style.

The Sales Process

6. Creative Prospecting: Learn how to prospect using new and creative techniques that make prospecting enjoyable!

7. Planning and Opening: Open your meetings like a pro using our meeting planning templates.

8. Active Listening: Learn how to notice tell-tale signs from buyers that signify gateways to opportunities, listen through the lines, read body language and emotional cues and learn why the best salespeople (and leaders) are often the best listeners.

9. Consultative Questioning: Identify customer needs, probe for bigger, long-term opportunities, understand the impact and reason for change, and co-create solutions with the customer.

10. Communicating Value: Strong Value Statements: Understand how to link needs to value, add value vs. drop price, build powerful value statements and sell with examples. 

11. Objection Handling and Closing: Change your mindset around objections, foster the energy and courage to keep going and discover a 4-step technique to effortlessly handle objections and close with assertion.

Advanced Sales

12. The Perfect Proposal: Create a perfectly tailored proposal demonstrating the value you will add to the prospect. Use psychology, persuasion and influence techniques to lead the customer to a buying decision.

13. Storytelling Value: Stories are the most subtle and influential way of selling. Learn how to share your unique value through powerful stories.

14. Negotiation: An invaluable module around how to negotiate win-win outcomes without dropping prices. If the price changes, the package changes!

15. Territory Management: Learn how to maximise your time, territory and results with our territory boost workshop

Presentation Skills

16. Improve Confidence: Map out your confidence and triggers, dissolve limiting beliefs, make changes to get rid of nerves, boost confidence, increase presence and status, and confidently deal with difficult questions.

17. Improve Energy and Voice: Understand your unique, authentic presenting power, master your voice, tone and pausing, and add energy and lightness to your presentation.

18. Improve Influence: Tailor your presentation specifically to the needs of the audience, and inspire the audience to take action.

19. Improve Impact: Create clear, simple, memorable messages, increase momentum, capture interest through storytelling and theatre, add creativity, beautiful slides and audience engagement.


After-sales service

19. Exceptional Customer Service: Define great customer service, use active listening to understand customer queries, adopt a strong customer service mindset, use voice, tone and powerful phrases to influence positive outcomes.

20. Writing Great Emails: Read through the lines when interpreting email, respond in a warm, engaging, human, influential and assertive way that inspires positive action.

21. Dealing with Dissatisfaction: Understand how to deal with conflict, re-frame negative customer situations, learn the four steps to objection handling and conflict resolution.

22. Retention and Growth: Penetrate key customer accounts, ensure they are happy and continue growing. Spot red flags and resolve issues before they occur. Grow accounts through referrals and exploring new opportunities.

Step 3: Let us work our magic!

Discuss your needs, goals and chosen topics with Jen, and we will create and roll out an engaging and interactive programme for your team, with beautifully designed workbooks, video recaps, a coaching 1-pager for managers and (very importantly!) a Return on Investment tracker so you can track and share the ROI of the training. The more modules you choose, the longer the programme.

We finish the course with a celebration of success and certificates for each participant.

Word on the street...

"Excellent results across 230 participants globally."

Andy Nicol, Div. CEO Asia, International Schools Patnership


"Strong, motivational, professional training"

Carlo Novi, Global Sales Director, FedEx

"We achieved 200% of our new business target"

Roy Bidder, Managing Director, SustainIt

Global Sales Training for 260 participants 

Uncover the impressive success story of International Schools Partnership and how they increased global admissions across their network of outstanding private schools. 


Want to know more?

Schedule a friendly chat with our lead trainer, Jen Wagstaff, to discuss your team’s training needs, objectives, aspirations and dreams!

Jen will listen, share ideas and help build a course that is perfectly tailored to the goals and individuals in your team.