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Are you a Sales Manager wanting your team to present with powerful value? Transform your sales team's presenting approach with the Powerful Presenting Masterclass: guaranteed to improve confidence, influence and impact .

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Selling high-value solutions is not easy...

Selling high-value services like consultancy requires outstanding communication. With no tangible product and premium pricing, your team's words, confidence, and energy are crucial for influencing prospects.

With outdated, company-focused presentations, overkill of detail and poor messaging around value, prospects are not shown a critical reason to say "yes".

Plus, the pressure to impress senior stakeholders often leads the salesperson to anxiety, imposter syndrome and mediocre performances. 

All of this creates the outcome you don't want: missed opportunities and prospects going elsewhere.


The Powerful Presenting Masterclass 

Improve your teams confidence, influence and win rate.

Introducing the Powerful Presenting MasterClass

We know how important it is that your team can confidently present and pitch their service to senior stakeholders.

That's why we created the Powerful Presenting MasterClass, a five-module programme that will open your team's mind, transform their presenting impact, and boost their win rate. 

Key details:

  • Method: Live, in person
  • Location:¬†In-house, 2 day course, or virtual training
  • Trainer: Jen Wagstaff¬†
  • Event Manager: Heather Vincent

Our Learning Goals

By the end of the programme your team will be able to:

  • Apply¬†an¬†exceptional framework¬†to¬†any presentations¬†to increase impact and influence
  • Tailor their presentation¬†to¬†connect¬†with the audience,¬†spotlight value¬†and¬†influence the ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ
  • Captivate and hold attention,¬†create momentum, story-tell and deliver¬†memorable messages
  • Develop the¬†confidence, energy, and charisma¬†to radiate belief in themselves, the company, and the offered solution

Which Option is right for your team?

Choose from our two options...

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In-House 2 Day Course

  • Two days of live, face-to-face Powerful Presenting training for teams of 6+
  • Training tailored to your team, clients and culture
  • Date: Of your choice
  • Location: At your offices or at a location of¬†your choice
  • Timings:¬†Of your choice
  • Instructor: Jen Wagstaff
  • Practice new techniques in a¬†supportive environment
  • Personalised 1-1 coaching during the 2-days
  • Personalised action plan
  • Access to online learning platform with video re-caps of key learning points
  • Pre and post-training¬†survey and videos to demonstrate success.¬†
  • Manager feedback, Return on Investment tracker and Success Story to share with Leadership
  • Optional ongoing 1-1 coaching sessions with Jen
  • Schedule a call with Jen to find out more and receive a proposal.

Open for bookings!

Virtual team training

  • Three 2 x¬†hour,¬†virtual training sessions with Jen
  • 1-1 virtual coaching session with each participant¬†
  • Training tailored to your team, clients and culture
  • Date: Of your choice
  • Location:¬†Virtual training
  • Timings:¬†Of your choice
  • Instructor: Jen Wagstaff
  • Post-session¬†challenges, action plans and accountability.
  • Access to online learning platform with video re-caps of key learning points
  • Pre and post-training¬†survey and videos to demonstrate success.¬†
  • Manager feedback, Return on Investment tracker and Success Story to share with Leadership
  • Schedule a call with Jen to find out more and receive a proposal.




What's in the programme?

There are five core topics in the MasterClass, tailored to help salespeople improve energy, confidence, influence, impact and creativity. The programme is very interactive, with stimulating, creative activities, practical application and (you guessed it!) lots of mini-presentations and pitches; some of them videoed. This allows us to visibly see their development as they move through the modules. See below for what participants will experience in each module.

Module 1: Improve Energy

  • Watch themselves present and discover what the audience sees
  • Learn which of the four presenting energies they embody and whether they have positive or negative energy
  • Identify their unique strengths as a speaker and know how to boost confidence, positive energy, presence, and charisma
  • Discover their presenting power and practice letting it shine so it becomes magnetic

Resources: Workbook, Videos, PDFs, Energy Map, Templates, and Audio files.

Module 2: Improve Confidence

  • Map out¬†their presenting fears,¬†triggers and reactions
  • Re-write¬†their mindset story
  • Turn the 'downwards spiral' of fear and uncertainty into an 'upwards spiral'¬†of¬†confidence and presence
  • Learn how to re-programme¬†their brian to gain control of¬†their thoughts, actions and emotions¬†
  • Confidently¬†navigate mind-blanks
  • Boost bravery and status

Resources: Workbook, Videos, PDFs, Confidence Map, Templates, Links to Mindset boosting resources, Audio files.

Module 3: Improve Influence

  • Discover¬†our¬†influence template:¬†how to start and end¬†their presentations¬†to influence the "yes"
  • Understand what the audience wants to hear and tailor their message to spotlight value
  • Create clear, simple and memorable messages and a powerful call to action
  • Learn to speak with clarity, persuasion and influence
  • Leave the audience inspired to¬†commit

Resources: Workbook, Videos, Influence template, Beautiful downloads, Real examples, Links, Resources, Audio files.

Module 4: Improve Impact

  • Learn how to apply¬†our framework, The¬†Impact Map: make sure key messages are heard
  • Tap into the ‚Äúpower of three‚ÄĚ to make¬†their presentation feel, look and sound complete
  • Learn how to master¬†their¬†voice through voice coaching:¬†improve presence, impact and status
  • Expertly¬†deal with difficult questions

Resources: Workbook, Videos, Impact Map, Presentation planning template, Real examples, Links and resources, Audio files.

Module 5: Improve Creativity

  • Learn how to engage the¬†prospect¬†and encourage participation
  • Add creative hooks and techniques¬†
  • Learn how to capture¬†interest through beautiful storytelling
  • Create easy, quick and¬†stunning slides
  • Expertly¬†deal with difficult questions
  • Find out what to do if it all goes wrong

Resources: Workbook, Videos, Impact Map, Presentation planning template, Real examples, Links and resources, Audio files.

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Success Stories

See below for some of our success stories from the Powerful Presenting MasterClass.

Elanco: Video Testimonial

"I discovered the great talent I have within me"

Hear how the Powerful Presenting MasterClass 1-1 coaching programme changed the life of Ali Boheler, IT Senior Associate at Elanco.


Ada Okoli: Video Testimonial

"I thought I knew how to present. I know better now"

Discover how Ada's confidence was boosted and she earned a distinction in her Senior Leader Qualification with our Powerful Presenting coaching sessions.


Matt Cronin: Video Testimonial

"I went from being rubbish to confident"

Listen to Matt Cronin, from Elanco sum up his experience of the Powerful Presenting Masterclass: Wonderful, liberating and empowering. 

"My pitch received funding of £1,000,000"

"I used the influencing techniques I learned in our coaching sessions to pitch for research funding, and received £1,000,000."

William Frier, Senior Haptics Engineer, Ultraleap


"I now believe in myself"

"I got rid of critical thoughts and confidently delivered global webinars to over 200 people, many of them senior.

100% rated me relevant and engaging. I now believe in myself."

Yeimy Nempeque, Regional Head of Admissions, South America, ISP


"Life-changing confidence: I learnt that I am not an imposter."

"The confidence that has come from the coaching sessions has been life-changing. I learnt that I belong and that I am not an impostor. 

Since the coaching I was promoted¬†and¬†got¬†a position on¬†the¬†board¬†for Disability North.‚Ä̬†

Tony Neal, Shadow Board Member and Disability Co-chair. NHS
"The simple and replicable structure creates confidence"

“Learning the proper way in which to structure a presentation was immensely helpful, the simple and replicable way in which you can devise the Call to Action, 3 topics, title and hook has been helpful and made me feel more confident in the success of my presentations."

Charis Darninsuang, Associate Director, QS


"For the first time, I felt relaxed... in front of 1000 people!"

"The coaching was engaging, inspiring and educational.

I used to experience the "creeping-death" as I waited to speak. After the sessions, for the first time ever, I felt relaxed. It was the least nervous I had felt in front of the biggest audience: 1000 people"

Dan Britton, Associate Director of Operations, NHS


"Insightful and powerful"

"The course has been so insightful and so powerful at reinforcing the power of our minds. Thank you so much for taking me up a level as a presenter and making me a more aware person!"

Roseanne Finch, Commercial Operations Lead, Reframe   


"Empowered to be my best self... I got the promotion!"

"A massive thank you for all of your help and support. It really couldn‚Äôt have come at a better time! You‚Äôve really helped me to improve not only my presentation skills but also my confidence. The course empowered me to be my best self and be comfortable presenting as me. Plus, I put the techniques into action... and got the promotion!‚ÄĚ

Ashleigh MacFadyen, Service Improvement Lead, NHS 


"I mastered responding to difficult questions"

"Before the program, presenting to senior leaders, especially handling tough questions, was a huge challenge. Through the course, I mastered responding to unexpected questions, using influence, assertively expressing my needs, and overcoming negative self-talk.  

I discovered the great talent I have within me: my presenting power." 

Ali Boehler, IT Senior Associate, Elanco
"Guaranteed to improve the way you present"

"This course is guaranteed to improve the way you present. You will be a more accomplished speaker with a greater understanding of you can make an impact on your audience.

I now feel better prepared to make an impact, and more confident in presenting without being fully dependent on notes."

Hassan Kajee, DDaT Programme Senior Responsible Officer. Northumbria University Board Member 


A message from our trainer, Jen Wagstaff

"Hi, I'm Jen, a playful creative, a changer of mindsets and a believer in people. With 15 years of experience in sales training, I've worked as an EMEA sales trainer for FedEx and have trained teams at The Open University, Asics and the NHS.

Accredited as an advanced psychological coach, I have successfully coached over 3000 people across 40 countries to improve their confidence, influence and impact.

My true self shines on stage, where I'm most at home. I derive joy from helping others unleash their authentic voice. I think of inspiration as a flame‚ÄĒI ignite it in them, so¬†they can pass it on to others."

Find out more about Jen!

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And finally, because no one is perfect...

Some outtakes from the Powerful Presenting MasterClass... Enjoy!


Stand up, speak up and let your strengths shine!

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