What makes a great presenter? 

The confidence to fail. The power to influence. The bravery to be you.

Sounds great!

Welcome to the Powerful Presenting MasterClass! 

The Powerful Presenting MasterClass is a five-module course that opens minds, transforms confidence, and boosts influence when presenting.

Available as team training, individual coaching or as an online programme, we always see outstanding results.


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Powerful Presenting Masterclass 

How to become a powerful speaker in just 5 modules

What will you learn?

During the MasterClass you will learn how to improve your energy, confidence, influence, impact and creativity when presenting.

Module 1: Improve Energy

  • Watch yourself present and discover what the audience sees.
  • Learn which of the four presenting energies you are and whether you have positive or negative energy.
  • Learn your unique strengths as a speaker
  • Boost confidence, positive energy, presence and charisma
  • Learn your presenting power and practice letting it shine 

Resources: Videos, PDFs, Energy Map, Templates, Audio files.

Module 2: Improve Confidence

  • Map out your presenting fears, triggers and reactions
  • Re-write your mindset story
  • Turn the 'downwards spiral' of fear and uncertainty into an 'upwards spiral' of confidence and presence
  • Learn how to re-programme your brian to gain control of your thoughts, actions and emotions 
  • Confidently navigate mind-blanks
  • Boost bravery and status

Resources: Videos, PDFs, Confidence Map, Templates, Links to Mindset boosting resources, Audio files.

Module 3: Improve Influence

  • Discover our influence template: how to start and end your presentation with a bang!
  • Understand what the audience wants to hear and tailor your message so it connects
  • Create clear, simple and memorable messages and a powerful call to action
  • Learn to speak with clarity, persuasion and influence
  • Leave the audience inspired to say “yes”

Resources: Videos, Influence template, Beautiful downloads, Real examples, Links, Resources, Audio files.

Module 4: Improve Impact

  • Plan your presentation with our impact map: make sure key messages are heard
  • Tap into the “power of three” to make your presentation feel, look and sound complete.
  • Learn how to master your voice: improve presence, impact and status
  • Expertly deal with difficult questions

Resources: Videos, Impact Map, Presentation planning template, Real examples, Links and resources, Audio files

Module 5: Improve Creativity

  • Learn how to engage the audience and encourage participation
  • Add creative hooks and techniques 
  • Learn how to capture interest through beautiful storytelling
  • Create easy, quick and stunning slides
  • Expertly deal with difficult questions
  • Find out what to do if it all goes wrong

Resources: Videos, Impact Map, Presentation planning template, Real examples, Links and resources, Audio files

Which Option is right for you?

Choose from our three options

Online Course

£585 + VAT

3 monthly payments of £195 + VAT

  • Five-week online Powerful Presenting MasterClass, with one new module per week
  • Improve Energy, Confidence, Influence and Impact and Creativity
  • Workbooks
  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Written feedback and support from Jen
  • Content available for a year after purchase

1-1 Coaching

£2085 + VAT

6 monthly payments of £347.50 + VAT

  • Everything in the online course plus
  • Six 1 hour, one-to-one coaching sessions with Jen (either virtual or face-to-face if local to Bristol, UK)
  • During the sessions, we are led by your goals (e.g. improve mindset, confidence, persuasion, influence, structure, energy, and voice)
  • Individual presentation feedback and an ongoing action plan



Team Training


Book a call to find out more

  • Everything in the online course plus
  • Powerful Presenting delivered live by Jen to your team (either two days face-to-face or virtually)
  • Bespoke, tailored content for your team
  • 1 x Manager strategy session
  • One-to-one coaching sessions for participants
  • Online Learning Platform with course resources
  • Return on Investment tracker and Success Story to share with leadership

What are people saying?

See below for quotes, testimonials and case studies from some of our happy clients.

NHS Leadership Team: Case Study 

"Life-changing training. An audience of 1000; I was the bravest person in the room."

See how we worked with the Shadow Board Leadership Team at the NHS and transformed their confidence, influence and impact with the Powerful Presenting MasterClass Team Training.


Elanco: Video Testimonial

"I discovered the great talent I have within me"

Hear how the Powerful Presenting MasterClass 1-1 coaching programme changed the life of Ali Boheler, IT Senior Associate at Elanco.


Ada Okoli: Video Testimonial

"I thought I knew how to present. I know better now."

Discover how Ada's confidence was boosted and she earned a distinction in her Senior Leader Qualification with our Powerful Presenting coaching sessions.


More feedback:

"On point, engaging and inspiring"

Ross Singyard, Global Sales Director, Asics

"Strong, motivational, professional training"

Carlo Novi, Global Sales Manager, FedEx

"Powerful results, in just two weeks"

Lynn Scott, Business Service Manager, NHS

About your trainer, Jen.  

Jen has now coached over 3000 people to improve confidence, influence and impact. She worked as EMEA sales trainer for FedEx and has trained teams at Asics, Amazon and The NHS. She is a playful creative, a changer of mindsets and a believer in people. 


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Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with Jen to ask questions and understand if our MasterClass and/or coaching is right for you or your team. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

And finally, because no one is perfect...

Some outtakes from the Powerful Presenting MasterClass... Enjoy!


Stand up, speak up and let your strengths shine!

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