One to One Coaching 

Achieve confidence, influence, and impact with our transformational coaching programs.


1-1 Coaching


Method: Virtual coaching or face-to-face (at our offices in Bristol, UK) 

Style: One-to-one coaching sessions

Coach: Jen Wagstaff

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1. The Powerful Presenting MasterClass

A structured programme to help you improve your confidence, influence and impact when speaking in public.

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2. Inspirational Selling Coaching Programme

A structured programme to help you learn the sales process and improve your sales results 

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3. Fully Tailored, Bespoke Programmes

Coaching where we set the goals together and create a coaching plan to suit your needs.

Word on the street...


"I used the influencing techniques I learned in our coaching sessions to pitch for research funding, and received £1,000,000."

William Frier, Senior Haptics Engineer, Ultraleap

Three Coaching Session package


"I got rid of critical thoughts and confidently delivered global webinars to over 200 people, many of them senior.

100% rated me relevant and engaging. I now believe in myself."

Yeimy Nempeque, Regional Head of Admissions, South America, ISP.

Powerful Presenting Coaching Package

"During the programme, my average sales order value went from £1000s to £10,000s. 

I finally have a proven, repeatable sales process and am hitting targets."

Emily Jones, Sales Director at Hullo Creative.

Inspirational Selling Coaching Package

“Jen's an expert at sales and creating the right mindset to succeed. 

After implementing big picture strategy and tactical advice, I achieved all my sales targets and feel great about the year ahead."

Ed Hutchinson, VP, Three Ships

Inspirational Selling Coaching Package

"The confidence that has come from the coaching sessions has been life-changing. I learnt that I belong and that I am not an impostor. 

Since the coaching I was promoted¬†and got¬†a position on¬†the¬†board¬†for Disability North.‚Ä̬†

Tony Neal, Shadow Board Member and Disability Co-chair. NHS

Powerful Presenting Coaching Package 

"The coaching was engaging, inspiring and educational.

After the sessions, for the first time ever, I felt relaxed. It was the least nervous I had felt in front of the biggest audience: 1000 people"

Dan Britton, Associate Director of Operations, NHS

 Powerful Presenting Coaching Package 


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