We HELP aspirational sales TEAMS develop the strategy, MINDSET and habits TO BECOME top performer in SALES.


Our core courses:

The Foundations of Success: Strategy, Mindset and Habits

Course 1. The foundations of SALES success

In this course we help each individual create a tailored strategy to achieve their sales goal and ensure they embed the right mindset and habits to make it happen. In this course your team will develop the following:

A FOCUSED SALES STRATEGY: Break down sales goals, identify ideal prospects, expand networks, increase referrals & create a prospecting strategy to achieve sales goals.

A POWERFUL MINDSET: Build motivation & power of influence, boost mindset through the 6 mind-hacks of top performers, increase confidence & assertiveness.

GREAT SALES HABITS: Increase productivity & improve time management, learn the daily habits of high performance, prioritise money making tasks, increase prospecting activity and improve call-to-close ratios. 

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In this course we use your team's live pre-recorded calls to coach phone technique and increase success. They will develop the following:

A CONFIDENT OPENING: Develop confidence and connection, Improve preparation before calls, plan 'power hours', improve mindset for success, open in a 'non-salesy' way, improve voice and tone, spark interest & curiosity.

A GREAT CALL STRUCTURE: Improve qualification, develop questioning skills to identify current and future opportunities, enhance qualification, deal confidently with gatekeeper fob-offs and decision maker objections.

ASSERTIVE CLOSING HABITS: Grow assertiveness, move the prospect to the next step of the sales process, diarise a call back or meeting, increase number of quality meetings booked in the diary.

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Course 3. Value Selling

In this course we use live examples and role-play to embed the concept of value selling, increase conversion rates & maximise deal size. In this course your team will develop the following:

STRONG VALUE STATEMENTS: Develop belief and confidence in the unique value they offer customers, understand how to add value vs. drop price, communicate defining value statements, demonstrate the "big end result" & use powerful examples. 

CONSULTATIVE QUESTIONING: Improve questioning technique to identify customer needs, probe for bigger, long-term opportunities, use "challenger" methods to deliver insight and find opportunities, tailor approach to different behavioural styles & roles, co-create solutions with the customer.

POWERFUL PITCHING & CLOSING: Adapt the sales message to different behavioural styles & roles, create compelling offers perfectly tailored to the prospect, assertively and confidently close.

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Course 4. Presenting with Impact

In this course we film and coach each individual to transform their presentation/pitching skills and document their improvement on the day. In this course and your team will develop the following:

A TAILORED MESSAGE: Gain clarity on the desired outcome of the presentation, get to the heart of the customer’s need, tailor the message to the audience, make it interesting, relevant and engaging.

A POWERFUL STRUCTURE: Create clear and simple messages, ensure key messages are delivered and retained by the audience, increase momentum, inspire the audience to take action.

CONFIDENT DELIVERY TECHNIQUE: Get rid of nerves, increase presence and status through voice, tone and pausing, capture interest through storytelling and theatre, confidently deal with difficult questions.



Are you fed up with cutting prices to win deals? Do you leave negotiations not knowing if you could have achieved a better outcome? In this one day course we explore the art of negotiating to enable more positive win-win outcomes, without compromising price. This programme will enable you and your team to develop:

 A WIN-WIN MINDSET: Create confidence by understanding current negotiation style, adapt mindset to that of a top negotiator, understand the power you have in a negotiation and how to use it.

A STEP BY STEP PLAN: Learn the 5 steps of a successful negotiation, create negotiation strategy by focusing on each parties desired outcomes, plot the risks and stakes involved, and maximise the value of deals by using strategic trade-offs.

A CONFIDENT DELIVERY: Develop confidence in conducting the negotiation, without compromising price, be aware of negotiation tricks and how to overcome them, use psychology, NLP and influence techniques to enhance success.



How would your life change if you could better influence others to say ‘yes’? How many more deals could you close? How many more opportunities would come your way? In this one day course we focus on one of the most important skills in sales: the art of influence and persuasion. This step by step programme will help you and your team understand:

WHAT TO THINK: Improve mindset and confidence, understand the psychology behind influence and persuasion, build a more assertive mindset, learn how to create urgency, use NLP and psychology to influence at a subconscious level.

WHAT TO DO: Learn the 3 questions you must ask yourself before you influence, understand how to frame a situation before you start, learn how to plant ideas, tailor your message, grow support of your idea and confidently ask for a commitment.

WHAT TO SAY: Master the language of persuasion, influence and assertiveness. Learn powerful words and phrases that improve your credibility, enhance your status and create instant buy-in. Understand what to say, when to say it and how to deliver it with the most impact.

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Course 7. Shortening the sales cycle 

In this course we work with live accounts to help your team shave weeks off their sales cycle and assertively close more business. In this training, your team will develop the following:

A STREAMLINED SALES CYCLE: Create certainty by mapping out the sales cycle, compare to the customer buying cycle, identify and remove blocks and handle common objections.

ADVANCED ACCOUNT PENETRATION: Increase reach in each account, map decision making units, develop advanced questioning to spark need for change, create urgency, improve positioning of value.

CLOSING & INFLUENCE TECHNIQUE: Master persuasion & influence techniques, delve into buyer psychology, gain commitment from the customer, create urgency & assertively close at every step of the sales cycle.



Exceptional customer service is the secret to long term, repeat business. Plus being able to re-frame situations, deal with conflict and influence positive outcomes not only keeps your customers happy but creates a motivated customer service team. In this one day course we look at how to use voice, tone, powerful words and a positive outlook to deliver exceptional customer service, whatever the situation. This programme will enable you and your team to:

ADOPT CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Define great customer service, understand behavioural styles, profile customers, adapt to social styles and roles.

INFLUENCE POSITIVE OUTCOMES: Use deep active listening to understand customer queries, read through the lines when interpreting email, adopt a strong customer service mindset, use voice, tone and powerful phrases to influence positive outcomes.

CONFIDENTLY MANAGE CONFLICT: Understand how to deal with conflict, re-frame negative situations, learn the 4 steps to objection handling and conflict resolution.

Included in courses:

  • High energy training day, led by Jen Wagstaff, at your offices.

  • Pre-training survey & training needs analysis call

  • Printing of materials

  • Top Performer Journals for each team member

  • 13 weeks of email support to help your team embed key habits

  • Training for up to 12 participants per course (7 for Presenting with Impact course). Please enquire as to pricing options if your team is larger than this.

  • Post-training success tracker survey


OPTION 1: Selection of 5 training courses, delivered over a timeframe of your choice = £5999 (SAVE £1500)

OPTION 2: Selection of 3 training courses, delivered over a timeframe of your choice = £3999 (SAVE £500)

OPTION 3: Selection of 1 training course = £1499

Payment plans available on request

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