What is The Top Performer Journal?

The Top Performer Journal is an innovative, 13 week daily planner designed to help you create the strategy, mindset and habits to become a top performer in sales. 

It is a beautifully designed, hard-backed journal that you fill in daily allowing you to plan, prioritise and focus on what's important.


How can it help?

The Journal has been expertly designed to help you develop the strategy, mindset and habits of a top performer. By using it you will:

  • Break down your sales goal and create a prospecting strategy to achieve it.
  • Develop a strong, assertive mindset for maximum power and influence.
  • Become in control of your day and craft the right habits for success.

Ultimately allowing you to develop yourself into a top performer and reach your sales goals in a way that feels good.


How can I get one?

After receiving funding from our recent Kickstarter campaign, we are currently working hard at re-designing and beautifying the journal for delivery in July.

To pre-order your copy (please note this will be delivered in July 2018), click the "Add to cart" button below.


Top Performer Journal
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