How does it work?

During your 13 week coaching journey, sales expert Jen Wagstaff gives you 1-1 online coaching to help you develop into a 'Top Performing You'. Here's what to expect on your coaching programme:

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STEP 1. coaching needs analysis

At the beginning of the coaching journey you complete the Top Performer Health Check; a pre-coaching survey to help us understand your strengths and weaknesses so we can tailor the coaching sessions to where you specifically need the most support.




STEP 2. Top Performer Journal: THE BIG PICTURE PLAN

You then receive your shiny new Top Performer Journal! This is your sidekick to success over the next 13 weeks, helping you embed and retain the great sales habits we develop during your coaching journey. Before your sales strategy session you complete the 'Big Picture Plan' to break down your sales goal so you are clear what you want to achieve before you start your live sessions. 

You'll also be signed up to receive 13 weeks of support emails to help you embed and ensure your new sales habits stick.

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STEP 3. Sales strategy session 

During your first session Jen reviews your Health Check results and sales goals and helps map out the coaching journey to get you there. She identifies the coaching partnership that will work best for you and co-sets accountability goals for the upcoming sessions. 



STEP 4. SIX coaching sessions 

Over the next 6 sessions (1.5hr each) Jen checks in with your progress against your goals, ensures you are on track and sharpens the sales skills that will have the most impact for you over the weeks ahead. 

Areas we commonly help develop:

PROSPECTING STRATEGY & TECHNIQUE: Identify ideal prospects, expand networks, increase referrals & create a prospecting strategy to achieve sales goals. 

A POWERFUL MINDSET: Build motivation & power of influence, boost mindset, increase confidence & assertiveness.

FOCUSED SALES HABITS: Increase productivity & improve time management, learn the daily habits of high performance, prioritise money making tasks, increase prospecting activity and improve call-to-close ratios. 

STRONG VALUE STATEMENTS: Easily communicate the unique value you offer customers, understand how to add value vs. drop price, create defining value statements, demonstrate the "big end result" & use powerful examples. 

CONSULTATIVE QUESTIONING: Improve questioning technique to identify customer needs, probe for bigger, long-term opportunities, use "challenger" methods to deliver insight and find opportunities, co-create solutions with the customer.

POWERFUL PITCHING: Create 'no-brainer' pitches perfectly tailored to the prospect, assertively close to the next step in the sales cycle.

ASSERTIVE CLOSING HABITS: Grow assertiveness, move the prospect to the next step of the sales process, diarise a call back or meeting, increase number of quality meetings booked in the diary.

PLUS... RECORDED CALL COACHING: Jen can listen to your recorded calls to help improve telephone manner & success rates on the phone.


Step 5: CElebration of success

In this final session Jen looks back at your initial Top Performer Health Check, and together you review how far you have come and celebrate your success.






Top Performer Coaching Journey: £1499

Payment plans available on request

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