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Mindset, Motivation and Influence: The daily habits of top salespeople

  • CreativeMind Bristol Spaceworks, Felix Road Bristol UK (map)

This workshop is for you if you...

You feel awkward when it comes to selling. You worry about meetings, presenting, public speaking or picking up the phone. You worry about making sales. You feel like a pest when you pick up the phone. You feel like you are always chasing prospects to get back to you. You feel apologetic or awkward asking people for money. 

You want to how to sell in a way that feels good, develop a winning mindset, and fine-tune your language for maximum power and influence.

This course will give you amazing sales skills that will get you through not only the toughest meetings, presentations, and pitches, but will also help you persuade and influence in interviews, with your family, and in your day-to-day life.


You will leave the workshop with:

  • Understanding of your current mindset: How your thinking is responsible for everything

  • 5 sales mind-hacks: How to feel confident and in control of any sales situation (on the phone, in meetings, when presenting) 

  • Assertiveness strategy: How to be assertive (without feeling pushy)

  • A clear, step by step sales process: How to stay in control of your sales process, and have customers call you back.

  • Powerful, persuasive language kit: How to use language to influence positive outcomes

  • Daily habits: what top performers do on a daily basis to achieve a winning mindset

  • A simple sales-specific daily planner to ensure you keep in control of your day and put your new habits into action


      Ultimately allowing you to reach your full potential and feel great as you rise to the top in sales.

      Cost  I  £49 + VAT

      Please note, this course is one of THREE courses in the "Top performer" series:

      • Mindset, motivation and influence (this course- click here)

      • Strategy, planning and focus (click here)

      • Prospecting, networking and creating referral partners (click here)

      I look forward to having you join us on one or all of the courses.