They were setting goals and focusing differently


They were thinking about things differently


They were constantly reflecting and forming new and improved habits


This course is designed for motivated business owners or salespeople to enable them to smash their sales goals and feel they are reaching their full potential.


At the end of this course you will leave with:



  • Clear, inspiring sales goals
  • 13 week achievement strategy 
  • Tailored, reliable sales process

Allowing you to focus clearly on growth

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  • New confidence boosting beliefs
  • Top performing sales mindset
  • Assertiveness strategy

Allowing you to sell in a way that feels natural


  • Quality list of future clients, influencers and connectors
  • Personal “keep in touch” strategy
  • New immediately actionable daily habits

    Allowing you to create daily 'client-generating' habits

Ultimately allowing you to create the focus, mindset and habits to set and smash inspiring sales goals.


Package contents

Online training: simple and helpful downloads, videos & checklists

 Daily nudges: move you quickly towards your goals

Challenges and games: push you to your potential

Mobile learning: learn over coffee, listen on the move

Coaching: monthly online group coaching/ Q&A with Jen


Investment | £299


Word on the street

It’s so good, I can’t even describe. I am living the life I thought was impossible. I have dressed Fat Boy Slim, Rudimental, been papped by Vogue… and I am so motivated to achieve more!
— Sarah, MADWAG