You are who you meet: Why you need to hang out with your ideal customers

There is a common saying that you are a product of the five people you hang around with. Even though this means I am one part hairy-Irishman, one part Siri, only two parts female (don’t ask which parts), and one part Labrador, I am still a strong believer in this idea.

The people you choose to hang out with influence your values, thoughts, actions, habits and ultimately… how much you ace-it in life.

This same rule applies in sales:

Your success is a product of who you hang out with.

If you are constantly contacting, or hanging out with low-value contacts and prospects, do not be surprised if you only close low-value deals.

1. Find out where they hang out

Top performers think strategically. They understand their ideal client, know where they can find them and ensure they are seen, heard and known in their circles.

First, write down all the places that your ideal client hangs out, both in person and online.

It may be at their offices, through networking, conferences, industry events, learning seminars, clubs, societies or even social events. It may be through LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Instagram, membership portals, online platforms, online conferences or webinars.

2. Let them know you are an expert, and see how you can help.

OK, now it is time to become known by them as an expert in your industry. Connect online, present yourself with confidence, as an expert in helping people like them. Call them and invite them to an event in their industry. Pop up on social media, send them relevant articles. Meet them at local clubs and events. Show them quickly and specifically how you have helped others in their industry, then book a call with them to see if you can do the same for them.

Your success is a product of the people you choose to hang out with, so look around you... are they your ideal client, or bigger? 

By investing time and money in meeting high-paying ideal clients and becoming well known in their industry, you will see more high-value deals coming your way.

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