Top Tip #2: Visualise your success

One of the most embarrassing things that happened to me in recent years was at a big sales conference in a posh stately home in England.

I was speaking to the audience about visualising their sales success by using a "success chart". At the time the chart looked identical to a thermometer (straight at the top, with a big round bit at the bottom) that you shaded in whenever you got a sale to celebrate your successes.

So they could visualise the chart, I took a big black marker and drew a 2 metre high thermometer onto the whiteboard.

Now I'd like you to take a moment to imagine what the audience saw me drawing.

I hadn’t taken into consideration that thermometers, when drawn quickly and amateurishly tend not to resemble thermometers in the viewers eye.

They resemble something entirely different.

Luckily it was only laughter and not social services that escorted me off stage.

The temperature was rising in the training room

The temperature was rising in the training room


Learning from my failures however, I did not give up, and redesigned the success chart to look, well, more like a chart and less like something else.

In this week's blog I share with you the new, improved and 100% 'office-wall friendly' success chart that will help you visualise your success and motivate you towards your goal.

Visualise your success

But why should I visualise my success?

Visualising and celebrating success is a great motivational tool because it inspires and excites. It is common in our society. When athletes win a gold medal, they are put on a podium and surrounded by brass bands, champagne and acrobats. When people win the lottery, they are given an oversized cheque and covered in confetti.

But in sales, our success is often observed through numbers on a spreadsheet. Our commission is given by bank transfer. Not quite as visually exciting as wads of cash piling up, Breaking Bad style, in the corner of your office.

By using the sales success chart, you will be able to visualise your success, celebrate your achievements and ensure you are on track to achieve your sales goal. Just follow these simple steps:

Download & print your sales success chart:

If you don't have a printer to hand you can try drawing one (just be warned...)

Or, you can use the success chart in your Top Performer Journal.


Fill it in

  • Write your sales goal in big numbers at the top of the chart (Or, if you want to be a Top Performer, you can write your "pimped-up" sales goal instead)
  • Write the deadline you have to achieve it. We are more motivated by shorter goals, so if it's a 12 month goal, try breaking it down to a target in the next few months.
  • Write the reward you will give yourself if you achieve it (something exciting)
  • On the side of the chart, write incremental amounts going from zero to your full goal amount at the top.

If you'd like examples of how to fill it in, you can find them in this download: chapter 1 of the Top Performer Journal.

Celebrate your success

Stick it on your office wall. Then, with every new sale, go to the chart, shade it in and celebrate your success.

The success chart is one of the most helpful ways of charting your success, celebrating your achievements and understanding how you are doing against plan. 

Fill in the thermometer every time you make a sale. Then, phone your biggest prospect. Your mindset will be spot-on, so make the most of it!

How can I coach my team to VISUALISE THEIR SUCCESS

Got a sales team? Want some ready made training material to use in your next team meeting?

1. Download The Top Performer Journal chapter 1: The big picture plan

2. Print off the ready made worksheets to use in your next team meeting

3. Follow the examples and coach your team to visualise their success using the success chart.

Top Performer Journal_Front cover copy 2.jpg

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Blog written by Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind Sales Training

"Never draw anything you can get a good graphic designer to draw for you"