Top Tip #15: Use powerful, influential language

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Are the words you use when selling actually driving your prospects away? In this blog we look at the immense power of words and examine how subtly changing your language can hugely impact your success when selling. Then we give you a handy list of words to help you become more persuasive and influential.

By Jen Wagstaff, Director of CreativeMind and author of the Top Performer Journal; a powerful daily planner to help you develop great sales habits for success.

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I was in a restaurant in Bristol the other day looking for a nice spot to take the in-laws.

“I’m sorry, we just don’t have any tables,” said the waitress in the first restaurant,

“...Unfortunately they are all taken. It might be a 20-minute wait or so. Just bear with me a moment…”

She was polite; but did we wait? 

Absolutely not.

We then went into the restaurant opposite.

“Welcome!,” said the waitress,

“Table for four? Certainly. We have a table opening up in 20 minutes. Please come this way to the bar and I will get you a drink. ”

What was different?

The situation was the same; no tables for 20 minutes.

The second restaurant was our second choice and far more expensive.

But we ate there purely because of the 28 words which came out of her mouth.

That is the wonderful difference between you and a machine.

You have the power of words that you can use to influence people’s decisions.

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In my last blog, I shared a sales mind-hack called Expect Success. In it, I explained how your thoughts dictate your words and your words dictate your outcomes. Then, I showed you how to think differently to influence better outcomes.

In this blog we focus on your words; and how to speak differently to to influence better outcomes.

Was it something I said?

Was it something I said?

How to use powerful, influential language

The words you say influence every outcome you experience. Say the wrong things and you influence uncertainty and doubt in your prospect. Say the right things and you fill them with confidence and desire to buy. 

You plant words and ideas into people’s heads all the time, often without realising it. In fact, every word you say is a choice that dictates where the conversation will go next. A single, carefully crafted sentence can be the difference between your prospect saying "yes" or "no". 

Take this example of a common sales call. It can go one of two ways:


No Sale

“Hi John, it's Jen. Sorry if I have caught you at a bad time, are you busy?

I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately we don't have those items we discussed in stock at the moment.

I think we may have some next month, so I'll try calling you back then, OK?"

Result: Customer is disappointed and goes to a competitor.



“Hi John, it’s Jen. So I have some good news regarding the stock you want to order. As you know, it is one of our most popular lines and so we will be getting an extra delivery into our warehouses in the next four weeks.

As it is selling really well, most people are placing a pre-order with us to ensure they are the first to receive it when it arrives.

I can set this up for you now if you like?

Result: Customer is happy and the sale is made.

Again, the situation is the same: no stock for 4 weeks, but the way the salesperson describes it dictates how the customer perceives it.


Words to say/ avoid 

Top Performers take complete control of the words they say.

Below I share some common words that can have a powerful impact on your sales success. Have a read through the words and write down the ones you want to stop saying and the ones you want to start weaving into your sales conversations going forwards.

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If you want to understand the type of language you use, pull up the last 5 emails you sent to prospects. How many negative words are you using? How many positive? How can you re-word your emails to make them more influential?

Start by editing your emails before you send them. Once you develop the habit of writing in a positive, certain way, you will find it easier to start speaking in a positive, certain way.


In summary

Your outcomes are strongly dictated by the words you choose. Choose positive, assertive and influential words and you will be amazed at the instant impact it has on your sales success.

How can I inspire my team to use powerful, influential language?

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Blog written by Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind Sales Training

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