Truth or dare

Happy Halloween sales folk,


Do you want to play a game of truth or dare?


The rules:

I tell you a question and three possible answers.

Two statements are true. One statement is false.

You have to guess which are true.

And if you get it wrong, you do a dare.


Ready? OK, the question:


What do you think I have been up to the last three months?


1.     I got married to a handsome Irishman, called Cormac

2.     I did a stand-up comedy act, called Madame Fou Fou

3.     I wrote a fantasy book, called the Top Performer Journal

(Pick two true statements)






Scroll down for the answers….






The answers:

1.     True, I did get married to a handsome Irishman called Cormac

2.     True, I did a (debatably funny) stand-up comedy act, called Madame Fou Fou 

3.     False. The Top Performer Journal is a not a fantasy book.


The Top Performer Journal is, in fact, a real-life, daily planner for successful salespeople.

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I wrote it.


I have been off the radar for three months pulling together the Top Performer Journal from an idea I have been growing for the past year, and finally... it is almost ready to take physical form!


If you’d like to get a little taster of what’s in store for the launch in 2018, then have a look here.




So, back to the truth or dare. How did you do?

If you got it wrong…. yes, you have to do a dare.


Your dare is simple.


Email me ( and tell me what you have been up to the last 3 months. Two truths and one lie.


Happy Halloween,


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