The Top Performer Journey: Part 1

I’ve been many things in my life.


A problem child. 

A straight A-student. 

A dreadlocked raver. 

A steady straight-lacer. 

An anxious, nervous wreck. 

A salesperson in the top 5%. 

A waitress, a director, a fire dancer.

A leader, a creator, a hand balancer.

A victim, beaten up and spat on.

A friend, with love and compassion. 

And, once or twice, a "complete pain in the arse".


So who am I?


I’m Jen.


And I am a believer in people.

My whole life I have believed in the amazing potential that people have to change, grow and develop into the person they want to be.

Jen Wagstaff

Throughout my sales training career I have seen the most incredible people, from all starting points develop into top performers.

And I have also seen many great people fail.


So why is it that so many great people, selling great products and services fail to achieve great sales results?

Well, being in sales can be tough.

We have huge sales goals, yet no strategy of how to achieve them.

We have endless to-do lists, yet no sales meetings in the diary.

We work hard all day, yet get to the end and can't see what we've achieved.


It was just another day in sales for Dan

It was just another day in sales for Dan


I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve great sales results, and do so in a way that feels good to both the seller and the buyer.

In 2015 I set out on a three year mission to find a solution that would transform the success and happiness of salespeople around the world. 

I read inspiring books, completed courses, experimented with routines that worked (Journaling, exercise, yoga) and routines that were.. less fun (i.e the cold shower challenge)


I trained & coached some of the best sales teams in the world.