TOP TIP #12: Prioritise money making tasks

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Do you feel like your day is constantly taken over with tasks that stop you selling? Firefighting, admin and reporting can suck the success out of your week. In this blog we look at how to cut through the crap, become in control of your day and ensure you achieve the only thing that really matters: hitting your sales goal.

Jen Wagstaff, Director of CreativeMind and author of the Top Performer Journal; a powerful daily planner to help you develop great sales habits for success.

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We often complain about the endless and tiring list of things that we have to do at work.

We have to write that proposal, prepare for the team meeting, tackle the inbox, do 26 calls per day, 8 face-to-face meetings per week, fill in the report for Jackie, chase payment on a non-payer, call Brian, drive to Glasgow, present to the CEO, complete the project, meet with marketing and sort out the long list of customer issues that has come our way.

...oh yeah and at some point we have to hit our sales goals as well.

Seeing our tasks as an endless list can become overwhelming. 

Too often we run around like headless chickens, jumping from calls to admin to fire-fighting with no plan. Not only does it make us stressed, but can make us feel like we are constantly working and never getting anywhere.

A couple of mindset shifts before we start:

1. Managing your time is possible

Firstly, managing your time is possible. Everyone has the same amount of time in their day, yet some people manage to achieve so much and others so little. If Top Performers are great at one thing, it is prioritising their time so they focus on things that are going to leverage the most amount of success

2. Most of the stuff on your list you have chosen to do

OK hear me out. 

I know it seems like you get endless stuff piled on your plate, but in reality you need to take responsibility and realise you have said yes to all of it.

Maybe you don't want to relinquish control by delegating and so do it yourself.

Maybe you run around after every customer (even low-value ones with little opportunity), firefighting their problems like an expensive customer service agent.

Maybe you don't enjoy prospecting so procrastinate by claiming you are 'too busy' with other stuff.

Maybe you chase lots and lots of of tiny prospects and so have an endless stream of follow ups.

Maybe you drive half way across the country when a phone call / video meeting would suffice.

Maybe you pride yourself on being a "yes man / woman" and say yes to please others, even when you are crying inside.

"Of course Rodger, I'll get that over to you by Monday. No, of course, it's not a problem at all. Have a great weekend..." Zoe said cheerfully as she quietly died inside.

"Of course Rodger, I'll get that over to you by Monday. No, of course, it's not a problem at all. Have a great weekend..." Zoe said cheerfully as she quietly died inside.


How to manage your time effectively

The only thing that actually matters in your role as a salesperson is this: hitting your sales goal.

There are two types of tasks when it comes to sales; ‘money making’ tasks and ‘other’ tasks.

Money-making tasks help you achieve your sales goal.

Other tasks do not help you achieve your sales goal.


Money making tasks:


Calling A-list prospects

Sales meetings

Following up on opportunities

Writing proposals

Filling in the Top Performer Journal


Other tasks:


Customer service 

Chasing small, non-ideal prospects

Project work


Most email



Non-sales meetings


Gareth had a skip in his step and his eye on the prize

Gareth had a skip in his step and his eye on the prize


Time Saving Tips:

Here are some ideas to help save you time and focus on achieving your sales goal:

  • Use the Top Performer Journal. The Journal helps you create great sales habits and reminds you on a daily basis to complete all your money making tasks before all others.

  • Ensure you focus on the money making tasks before all others. 

  • Be assertive with your time. When asked to do something, think, "Does this task help me hit my sales goal in the quickest way possible?" If no, then delegate or say NO

  • Focus your time working with ideal, A-list prospects and clients. Avoid low value prospects that make you work hard for little return.

  • 'Fire' the prospects and clients that keep you endlessly buys and give you little return. You can choose who you work with.

  • Turn off your email alerts & schedule short bursts for email.

  • Plan your day the night before

  • Schedule power-hours to call prospects

  • Set yourself mini-deadlines to complete tasks.

  • Again, just say no.

  • No


In summary

Your sales manager cares more about you achieving your sales goal than a completed 'to-do' list.  If you are overwhelmed or they ask you to do something new (that doesn't help you achieve your sales goal), ask them which of the money making tasks on your list they would recommend you sacrifice in order to get it completed.

You are the master of your own time and have control over what you say "YES" to. Your key focus is to achieve your sales goal, so do your money making tasks first thing, before anything else, and you will see your productivity and sales results sky-rocket.


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Blog written by Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind Sales Training