Top Tip #18: Always get the next step booked in the diary

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Do you get fed up of relentlessly calling and chasing prospects? In this blog we show you why the phrase “I’ll call you” should be banned from sales conversations. Then we share one of the most important habits of Top Performers, allowing you to become in complete control of your sales pipeline, fill your diary with prospect appointments for the week ahead and never again chase prospects to get back to you.

By Jen Wagstaff, Director of CreativeMind and author of the Top Performer Journal; a powerful daily planner to help you develop great sales habits for success.

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The walk of shame. I have one to top the lot.

It was one Halloween around 8 years ago (before I was a happily married woman) and I decided to go to a club in London dressed as a dead scuba diver. 

I was wearing a full wetsuit, a smashed up mask and fake blood all over my face and neck.

At the time (i.e at 11pm on a Saturday night surrounded by other intoxicated fancy dressed partygoers) I looked great.

The party continued at a house, the next thing I knew it was morning… and I woke up on a sofa.

Wetsuit still on.

“Mr Dreamboat” from party the night before took one look at me and said “Nice to meet you last night. I’ll call you.”

It was only once I staggered out at 10am on Sunday morning onto High St Kensington in full wetsuit and heels, blood residue crusting around my face, that I realised...

He hadn’t asked for my number.

It was 2 bus rides before I got home.

Aside from being the most chronically embarrassing walk of shame of my life it taught me an important lesson about sales.

“I’ll call you” means absolutely nothing.


The phrase "I'll call you" is common in sales, but it is also one of the biggest blockers of success.

Why? Because (just like Mr Dreamboat) it delivers zero commitment from them and therefore you have zero control of the future.

How to STOP chasing prospects and gain CONTROL of your process

Our Top Tip: Always get the next step in the diary is an assertive move you make at the end of every sales conversation to ensure you stay in control of the process. It helps build detachment because you position yourself as someone whose time is as valuable as your prospects. You don't have time to chase prospects like a needy puppy. So don't do it.

Instead do this:

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It is really simple.

1. Always get the next step booked in the prospects diary

You need to get into the habit of diarising the next step (next call/ next meeting/ start date) after every sales conversation. So instead of leaving the opportunity vague and uncommitted, secure a date and time in the prospect's diary.

2. Send over a calendar invite

So they are expecting your call / meeting

3. Outline the agenda in the notes section

Write a few bullet points outlining the call objectives and what you are going to discuss.

Here's a few tips on what it sounds like:


 “We should go for a coffee some time” (you won’t)

“I’ll send over the proposal; give me a call once you’ve had a chance to look at it” (they won’t, you’ll end up chasing)

“Have a chat with Julie and I’ll give you a shout next week to arrange a good time” (they'll forget and they won’t pick up / you’ll procrastinate the call)

"I'll pop in next week" (Top Performers do not 'pop'. They have qualified, arranged appointments)


"So that we can discuss this further and explore see if it's something I could help with, when would be a good time? Great, let's put it in the diary now and I'll send you a calendar invite"

“So that I can answer any questions you have on the proposal, when would be a good time to speak next week? OK I’ll send you over a calendar invite now. Before the call, please have a look through the proposal and jot down any questions you have."

"So that I can fully understand which solution would be the best fit for you, the next steps are to arrange a meeting with yourself and Julie. Which dates works best for you both? Great, I'll send yourself and Julie over a calendar invite with the agenda over now."

"I am in the area next Monday and Wednesday. Great, how does Wednesday at 2pm sound? I'll send you an invite. So that I can prepare effectively, what would you like to discuss in the meeting?"

Embed this habit into your brain, and commit to saying it after every sales (or dating) conversation you have this week. You will start to find your diary filling up with Dreamboat opportunities, and your sales figures looking mighty fine.


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Blog written by Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind Sales Training

Always pack a change of clothes when wearing a wetsuit