Celebratory tonic for severe Christmas indigestion

Christmas is a funny time of year.

We breathe a sigh of relief as we clock-off from work, and celebrate by spending flamboyantly, eating like a rabid horse and drinking more booze than a Freshman on a pub crawl.

Routine and exercise go out the window as we pack our days with intensely important activities like cleaning the oven, and returning to the supermarket for the third time after deciding that 4 bags of Brussels sprouts will not be enough (it will).

Somehow the much-needed holidays become busier than the average day at work. We desperately buy last minute presents, get new haircuts and buy new stuff to adorn our beautifully sparkling show homes.

Christmas passes and, in a pit of self-loathing and guilt for having eaten, drunk and spent too much we focus on the New Year vowing to exercise more, spend less and work hard at becoming a more relaxed and balanced individual.

In amongst the madness and pressure to be perfect, one thing we rarely do is to stop for a minute to think about all the good stuff we have achieved this year. 

Think about it. This past year has thrown you some pretty incredible things, and you've made some pretty incredible decisions. Whether it be something you’ve done at work, something at home, or even in your own headspace. Where you are now is a different place from where you were a year ago.

So, today, take a sip of my special celebratory tonic (proven to calm even the strongest Christmas indigestion).

Instructions: Take ONE MINUTE out from your day, click here and, underneath the picture of me jumping (yep that's me) jot down a few words in the comments box to share and celebrate your success. Proven to increase feelings of happiness almost instantly.

Use this as a template:

This time last year I……

Think back to this time last year? Where were you? What were you doing? How were you feeling? What did you want from 2017?

And this year I have….

What was your biggest achievements this year? How have you changed? How have you progressed?

So now I am going to go celebrate by……

Don’t just keep on keepin’ on. Celebrate your amazing achievements this year. Reward yourself for your hard work by doing something that will make you happy.

Click here to share your success

Well done my friends, you have had an amazing year!

(Exit stage left to roaring applause)

Have a very Merry Christmas,


Jen Wagstaff

CreativeMind Sales Training

Serving the finest celebratory tonic for the severest Christmas indigestion

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