From fear to fruition: 7 steps to gaining control of your sales goal

If, like me, you feel like booking a therapy session every time you look at your big sales goal, then this time of year may feel more tender than most.

As huge goals loom over us, many salespeople start panicking and defaulting to fight or flight mode.

Fight: we desperately hammer the phones, stalk our prospects and discount like a Jane Norman sale.

Flight: we procrastinate by (ironically) working hard on anything but selling. We complete endless admin tasks in an effort to look busy so we can say ‘at least we tried’.

Both techniques are about as effective as playing blindfold piñata. You endlessly run around waving your arms in the air, missing your target and ultimately looking like a bit of a plonker.

The problem is most people don’t even know what they are trying to achieve on a day-to-day basis. They take their big sales goal and fly out into the world, manically trying to achieve it with no structure, no strategy and no success.

This blog is about helping you understand what you are trying to achieve so you can gain clarity on your goal. Only when you understand what you are trying to achieve can you develop a strategy to make it happen.

Below, I share with you 7 questions you can answer TODAY that will transform your sales goal from horror to hope, from dread to determination and from fear to fruition.

Take a pen and answer these questions:

1.    What do you HAVE to achieve?

Write down the monetary sales goal you have to achieve in order to remain employed / fed / not shopping at Jane Norman.

E.g. Kiara has a £20,000 new business goal set by her company, that she HAS to achieve else she risks losing her job and commission.

2.    What do you WANT to achieve?

Write the monetary goal you want to hit (over and above your given goal). Where eagles fly, awards shimmer and promotions beckon. We will call this your Top Performer Goal.

E.g. Kiara rounds her goal up to £24,000 this quarter, as she will hit a good bonus and have a chance to win the company travel prize.

3.    How are you CURRENTLY doing?

Write the amount of revenue you have already brought in that will count towards you achieving your goal. 

E.g. Kiara has already made £8,000 in new biz sales this quarter.

4.    How much MORE must you make?

Write the amount of revenue (your revenue gap) you have yet to generate during this period to hit your Top Performer Goal. (To work this out, just take your goal and minus current attainment.)

E.g. Kiara needs to take £16,000 more this quarter

5.    WHEN do you have to achieve your goal?

Write the date you have to achieve your goal by. Normally the end of the month, quarter or year.

E.g. Kiara’s deadline to achieve this is December 31st.

6.    How many WEEKS are left?

Write the number of weeks left on the countdown clock until your deadline. 

E.g. There are 10 weeks to go until her deadline.

7.    How much REVENUE must you make per week?

Write the amount of revenue you have to bring in every week in order to achieve your goal. 

(To work this out, just take your revenue gap and divide by the number of weeks left.)

E.g. Kiara must bring in £1600 of business per week in order to hit her Top Performer goal.

Why should you do this?

Breaking down your goal into weekly chunks is vital to know if you want to stay in control of your goal and ensure you achieve it.

Why? For two key reasons.

Firstly, it keeps you on track, so every week you know if you have hit your weekly goal or not.

Secondly, this figure will ultimately determine your prospect list. If you know you need to close £1600 of business per week, and you close on average one deal per week…

…. Then you must make sure every prospect in your pipeline has a value of £1600 or more. Otherwise you will be spending your time with prospects who will never allow you to hit your goal.

"Make ‘Silver’ a bitter disappointment. Make gold the only option. Whatever your goal is, bump it up. Make it more, bring it forward, do it now. Not “in the future”. Not when you “think you will be ready”. Focus on the very, very best and don't give up until you get it."  – Sarah Gosling, Olympic gold medalist

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From piñata to piña-colada and not a plonker in sight.

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