HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY IN SALES: priceless phrases to get you out of a tough situation

It's true. Sometimes it sucks to be in sales.

Problems pile up. Customers get snippy. Deadlines loom.

But before you scream obscenities and give it all up to become a monk, pause for a second...

... and turn to this handy guide for inspiration on how to survive, when the going gets tough.

(Disclaimer; this is just for fun and although this guide is effective, if you do find you are referring to it too many times a week it may be time for a good holiday.)



Often, your first thought is not the best thing to say. Sometimes the second thought is not the best either. Next time you feel yourself about to react emotionally, pause, breath and find a more savoury choice of words:


Instead of: "I've just driven for two f___ hours to get here and you're telling me he's gone home for the day?!"

Say: "When would be an appropriate time to rearrange?"


Instead of: "And when the h___ do you expect me to do this report?"

Say: "Would you like me to work over the weekend?"


Instead of: "You've got to be kidding me."

Say: "Certainly, it would be a pleasure."


Instead of: "Why the h___ didn't you tell me sooner?"

Say: "I'll schedule that right away."


Instead of: "I know he's not in a meeting because you forgot to press the mute button."

Say: "Thank you, Brenda, when would be the best time for me to call back?"


Instead of: "Paul's got his head up his a___."

Say: "Paul is not familiar with these particular issues."


Instead of: "Tell someone who gives a s___."

Say: "Perhaps you should check with Gareth?"


Instead of: What the f___?

Say: That's interesting.


Instead of: Kiss my a___.

Say: So that I can fully understand, what specifically is the problem?


Instead of: Eat s___ and die.

Say:  So you think there could be some improvements ?


Instead of: Shove it up your a___.

Say: Certainly, I will get it to you by Friday.


Follow this handy guide and never again let your thoughts get in the way of a beautiful customer experience.

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Have a great week!


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Original Source: Garry Platt

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