Do you fart glitter and ride to work on a unicorn?

For those of you who don’t know me so well I'm Jen, founder of CreativeMind Sales training, and I have a confession to make.

When it comes to farting glitter and riding to work on a unicorn... I don't do either of them.

For years I idolised my successful, top-performing colleagues in sales, thinking they were part Aslan, part trouser-press and part Waitrose club-card.

They were perfect. 

They were effortlessly cool, kind and humble. 

They always had time to help me out. 

They would always be going for lunch with the 'VP-of-something-or-other'. 

They closed big deals and won (multiple) awards. 

I have been fascinated with these top performers for some time now. 

9 years in fact. 

During this time I've read 100s of books, attended countless seminars, and coached 1000s of salespeople all across the globe in big, important companies... all with the intention to find out... 

What makes them so great?

And I can tell you this...

These people are … well, just people. 

Just like you and me, they have guts and bowels and toilet rituals. 

They don't fart glitter or do anything with unicorns. They have 24 hours in the day. They sleep, eat and breath. They are human.

However, what I have found is that top performers all have three things in common:

They think differently

They focus differently

They build connections differently

And from this, I have crafted three "Top performer" workshops to help you develop the right daily habits to transform you into a top performer.

CreativeMind Sales training presents: 

Three inspiring workshops in a town near you (well... Bristol, UK)

11 Aug: Mindset, motivation and influence (click here)

18 Aug: Strategy, planning and focus (click here)

1 Sep: Prospecting, networking and creating referral partners (click here)



Have a smashing week, 


Jen Wagstaff
CreativeMind Sales Training
Commuting by unicorn since 2014