Why success does not lead to happiness

When we are young it is easy to succeed in life.
We say “Muma” and we are showered with kisses. 
We throw-up paint on a piece of paper and it is “ooohed” like a crowd admiring fireworks.
We poop in a potty and our parents do a hero’s dance. 
But life gets harder as we get older. Everyone can say “Muma”. It’s not cool to throw up paint. And if we poop anywhere but the toilet, we are in serious sh*t.
So, as an adult, we try to win praise by working hard. We strive to be successful. 
Oh, and we strive. 
Get up at 4am
Rub caffeine into eyeballs
Snort a liquidated kale shake
Spend 17 hours “hustling” (and bragging about it on social media)
Push intestines out of nostrils in a gym class
Inhale a Rhyvita
Relax in perfectly scheduled four-and-a-half minutes of meditation (that we rigorously do every so we can boast about our “work-life balance”)
Pass out
To be successful as an adult we have to work hard. 
And then… when we reach success, we will be happy. 
The problem with working hard to be successful is that life is like a video game… there is always a next level to reach.
Master speaking, move on to the potty,
Master the potty, move on to the paint,
Master the paint, move on, move on, move on….
Collecting gold coins in the video game of life. 
Soon we are running around with heavy pockets, always chomping for more, as things come at us with more speed and more force, and we have to move faster and faster and faster….
Until poof… game over.
But success is not about getting faster. 
Success is not about working hard. 
Success is not even the end goal.
We strive for success because we think that when we are successful we will be happy. Without realising that it is the other way around…
When we are happy, we will be successful.
Happiness does not orbit around success, success orbits around happiness.
So often we strive for success, and delay our happiness for an unknown time in the distant future when life will be “easier”.
Let me tell you this my friend. The game is ending soon.
So the time to be happy is now.
And only when you are happy will you be truly successful.
So have a look at your “to-do” list. 
What is it helping you achieve? 
Success or happiness?
Write a second list. Things you will do to make you happy. 
Now don’t tell anyone. Just go do them....
And success will follow.
Have a smashing week,

Jen Wagstaff
CreativeMind Sales Training
Flamboyantly orbiting around happiness since 2014


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