You are who you meet: Are you hanging out with the right people?

There is a common saying that you are a product of the five people you hang around with most.


Even though this means I am one part hairy-Irishman, one part Siri, only two parts female (don’t ask which parts), and one part dog, I am still a strong believer in this idea.


The people you choose to hang out with influence your values, your thoughts, your actions, your habits and ultimately… how much you ace-it in life.


This same rule applies in sales.


Your success (in terms of profitability) is a product of your clients.


Who you choose to work with.


Look at the last 5 clients you started working with.


Which category did they fall into?


Client 5) Buys one thing, once

Client 4) Buys lots of things, once

Client 3) Buys one thing every month, on an ongoing monthly contract

Client 2) Buys lots of things every month, on an ongoing monthly contract

Client 1) Buys lots of these things and lots of those things every month, on an ongoing monthly contract


What do you want?


Fancy a stress-ridden life full of missed targets and more uncertainty than Donald Trump’s tan? Try finding a hundred “Client 5s” this quarter. Then find a hundred more.


Want a successful life with reliable, high-paying and loyal clients? Start working closely with a few Client 1’s every quarter.


Less effort. More profitability. Happy you.


Every single one of you, regardless of what you sell, can target client 1*


If you want to be a top performer you just have to think big.

Then think a little bit bigger.


Bundle, collaborate, then go for the top.


There’s only one person stopping you from targeting that biggie.


And that certainly ain’t me (or my big hairy arms).


Have a smashing week,



Jen Wagstaff

CreativeMind Sales Training

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