From smashed to smashing it: How to achieve high performance in sales

Jen Wagstaff Dreadlocks.jpg

11 years ago, I was the type of person your mother warned you about.
I frequented debaucherous parties, wore ripped clothes and donned a thick mass of cyber-dreads* (yes, that is me in the picture).
I spent my weekends piercing my body (I had 16 at the peak of my ravedays), dancing around with like-minded undesirables, and seeing just how little sleep I could survive on.
I had a whole lot of fun, but in terms of high-performance, I was averaging around zero.
Then one day (thank you mum) I decided to “grow up and get a real job”.
I cut off my dreadlocks, put my glo-sticks to bed and entered the world of corporate sales.
Everything changed.
On day one I was handed the keys to a brand new BMW, and was told I was responsible for hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of accounts. (I was terrified)
18 months later I was in the top 5% of salespeople in the world at my company.
6 months later I was promoted to Sales Trainer, creating sales training material for 1500 salespeople across Europe, Middle East and Africa.. 
Within two years I had hit both ends of the success spectrum. From smashed to smashing it. 
But what had changed? I was still me. I still had the piercing scars and the strong tendency to wave my arms uncontrollably to loud music and flashy things.
In fact, there were three things that fundamentally changed within me that day I made the decision to step up.

  • My Focus
  • My Mindset 
  • My Daily habits

These three things I see time and time again when it comes to high performance.

Have a think about your situation.

Where you are now is a result of the choices you make every day in these three areas:

  • The things you choose to focus on.
  • The way you choose to think
  • The habits you choose to form.

Wherever you are now, success is just a few habit changes away.

Have a smashing week!


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*For those of you not in the rave scene in the early noughties, cyber dreads are brightly woven matts of hair that are sewn in to dreadlocks to create a thick smelly mess of colour and texture. Mmmm, whiffy.