Why embarrassment stops you getting clients...and what to do about it

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

Over the years, I have had a few…

  • Getting publicly renounced for loosing (and secretly replacing) Fluffy Flossy, the school hamster (aged 9).
  •  Three months of jeers after an unfortunate incident with a swing and a cosmetic chicken fillet (aged 14).
  • Getting physically pointed at and ridiculed after face planting into a glass window (and knocking myself onto the floor) at a trendy Austrian nightclub (aged 21).

The list goes on.

But then something strange happened. From the age of 25 onwards I have no memories of anything embarrassing happening.

And that is not because I stopped doing “embarrassing things”; far from it.

It is simply, that at the age of 25 I stopped being so attached to what people thought of me.

You see, people worry about getting embarrassed. Especially in the “grown up” world of business. Fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of upsetting someone.

They worry about presenting. They worry about hearing a “no”. They worry about being “that person” making “those calls”.

So when they try, they feel embarrassed and awkward… making everyone else feel embarrassed and awkward.

Ironically their worry (to be attractive) makes them less attractive to the very people they want to impress.

I was training a bunch of young, laddish recruitment consultants the other day.

They were recounting a story of a guy in their team who had recently experienced a “trainspotting” style incident on a night out.

Instead of embarrassment, the next day he had strutted into the office and loudly laughed about it.

“He was so proud he’d done it, we couldn’t even take the piss out of him. He became a hero” said his disgruntled mate.

How you feel about something will influence how others feel about it.

Detach yourself from the opinions of others. And instead, start influencing their opinions with your own.

Have a smashing week.


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