How to be more profitable… in one sentence

"Want to direct-debit loads of money into my account every month?"

Although not the best sales pitch when said out loud, the essence of this sentence sums up what we, as business owners, should be striving for. The security of ongoing profitability.

There are three very important parts to that sentence which all help drive profitability into a business.

Direct debit. Loads of Money. Every month.

It's simple. The more we can maximize each part, the more profitable we become.

Let's pick apart that sentence:


1.     Direct debit

Cash really is not king (unless you are trying to be creative with your tax return).

Take Uber for example. In my mind, Uber is a free taxi service. Every month hundreds of pounds evaporate from my account as I ride around the city in blissful ignorance. I pay, but I don't feel like I pay.

Direct debit takes away the 'psychological pain' of parting with money. Set it up once and every time you use it, the transfer happens with no input from you.


2.     Loads of money

Targeting people with loads of money is a sure-fire way to, er… make more money.

In London, big companies pay a rate of £2000 to £10000+ per DAY for consulting / training.

Tony Robbins famously charges $100,000/ session. How can he do that? Well, to start, look at his client list. Hugh Jackman, Leo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela…

He ain't looking for business at the local village hall.

Look around you... Are you hanging out with the right people to charge your "ideal rate?"?

3.     Every month

The "single session" or "single item sale" should be banished from your box of offers (unless it is strategic, which is a topic for another day).

Instead, dream of sleep-easy nights by creating packages with monthly billing.

A lifetime of ongoing direct debits guarantees you money every month and provides greater value to your growing customer base.


Have a look at your offer.

Are you a 'one hit wonder'... always chasing the next sale?

If you are, start to direct debit, package and scale your offer so you start each month knowing you have a steady stream of high paying clients.

Have a smashing week,


CreativeMind sales training

Hugh Jackman, here I come


P.S. Want to direct debit some money into my account?

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