How to set an inspiring sales goal in 3 simple steps.

Most business owners and sales people that I work with long to see themselves succeed. They want more sales. They want to see their business grow.

But on average, only one in ten can actually tell me what it is that they want.

“I just need more clients” they sigh.

“Five more low-value clients that cost you more in petrol, coffee and networking fees than you got back in profit?” I ask… Sure, coming right up.

In order to ‘smash it’ you have to know what you are trying to smash.

So what is it you are trying to achieve?


1)      Get a big fat pen and draw a large thermometer, pointing upwards, on a piece of paper/whiteboard (the bigger the better).

  • Now, depending on your artistic skills (and how dirty your mind is), this drawing may come out slightly un-thermometer like on your first few attempts. I had to throw away at least 3 pictures before I could put it on my office wall without getting arrested.
  • For child-friendly inspiration google “goal setting thermometer”


2)      Decide how much money you want to make in the next 12 weeks (one quarter of a year) and write it in big letters at the top of the thermometer.

  • This must be in monetary terms (not number of sales or clients). As you may have experienced, one sale/client can give you 100 times as much profit than another… but that point is for another day.
  • This must also be a short-term goal (12 weeks). We are more motivated by shorter, specific, difficult (yet achievable) goals.
  • If you want you can print off a picture of your reward (How will you reward yourself when you hit this goal?) and stick it at the top.


  • Every week, date it, and shade in the amount of money you make.
  • Make it your own. If you want, you can write the successes you have as they happen. You can colour it in, put stars around it, sign it or put a big fat picture of your smiling face on it. The point of this is that it gives you INSPIRATION (and not FEAR) when you look at it.

Finally, goals are more likely to happen when you share them. I’d love to see your masterpieces. Take a pic and send it to me. I promise not to call social services.

Have a smashing week,


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