How to connect with clients: talk about your failures

The compare asks you to put your name into a hat.

You put it in, alongside a hundred others.

He puts in his hand, shakes it around and pulls out…

…your name.

Your task. To tell a story in front of the crowd. A 5-minute story.

The lights are shining, the stage is calling, the crowd is waiting.

There are just three rules:

  • The story must be personal to you
  • You must tell it first person
  • The story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Come up to the stage and tell your story.

I was at this exact show in Bristol last night and I heard many different stories.

There were some that left me spell bound.

The people that evoked magic in my heart were NOT the ones that told me how many qualifications they had, or proved how interesting, funny or eloquent they were.

It was about their struggle.

You see, people like hearing about the journey.

The pain, the suffering, the sheer humanness of failure.

It emotes, it connects, it breaks down every boundary.

And people love hearing the happy ending.

How you overcame and conquered in the face of adversity.

It stirs, it enthuses, it inspires.

We have been conditioned to talk about our successes.

All our sales and marketing messages are designed to tell everyone just how amazing we are.


So next time someone asks, take them on a journey of your epic failures. Laugh, share, reminisce ...

...and show them the growth you achieved in the end.

Have a great week.


Jen Wagstaff, CreativeMind Sales Training

Proudly failing daily since 1984.


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