Success is struggle: What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you have ever tried using willpower to cut down your drinking, you will know that it is very hard to do.

At time, the desire for instant gratification:

“I deserve it…

It’s been a long week…"

Seems to outweigh the long-term costs:

“Do you remember that time Jen drunk that Irish moonshine, stole her Mother-in-law’s chocolate, stuffed it in her bra and fell asleep on the kitchen floor?”

In hindsight, it rarely does.

Psychologists at Stanford university set up a study about gratification, involving kids, professors, marshmallows and (thankfully) no alcohol.

The professors gave the kids a choice…

They could either eat one big, fat, tasty marshmallow.


If they could resist eating it for 15 minutes, they could have two big fat tasty marshmallows.

The findings were unexpected.

When tested in later life, the kids who could wait longer for a reward, tended to have better life outcomes: better grades, educational attainment and a (surprisingly) lower body mass index.

They got twice as much marshmallow… BUT they had the power to control their eating. The power to resist instant gratification.

This is very true in other areas of life.

To be successful there is always some kind of struggle.

Some kind of sacrifice.

  • You cannot be an amazing blog writer if you are not willing write for thousands of hours at first, in your spare time, for zero to no income.
  • You cannot be great at sales without trying, and being rejected, thousands of times and still bounce back, learning and growing and trying again.
  • You cannot be in a great loving relationship if you do not invest the time, care and heartfelt attention such an important and fragile thing needs.

Success stems from the ability to sacrifice now to reap greater gains later.

The good thing is that the longer you “sacrifice” something, the less it seems like a sacrifice.

You become used to those 5am starts, swallowing your pride, controlling reactions, saying “no” to the moonshine, saying "yes" to your partner…

…until soon it becomes a habit and you don’t even notice it any more.

Your sacrifices determine your success, so choose your sacrifices wisely.

Have a smashing week,


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“It’s not like we sacrificed a chicken over it"