Why procrastination is good for productivity: So go play!

Many goats lived on Goat Mount there was "Colin", "Clive", and "Sue",
Everything was nice and fine; no one was confused. 
Until a mountain goat moved in, which led to mounting strife,
Cos' he said his name was "Mountain" and "Goat" was called his wife.
The peace was broken on Goat Mount as confusion did amount.
When Mountain mounted Goat (the mountain goat) on Mount Goat's mount.
And Mountain mounting a mountain goat meant mountains of more goats
And now Goat Mount gos mad with Mountain's goaty mountain goats

- Jen Wagstaff, 31

So you read a silly poem about a goat.

Are you feeling the guilt of procrastination yet?

Let me ask you a question...

Are you being productive reading this?
Was I being productive when I was sat in the sunshine writing a poem about a goat?

Harvard Professor Shaun Achor would say... HELL YES!

According to latest neuroscience; breaks, mind games, laughter and sunshine make you MORE productive, MORE creative and generally MORE awesome.

I won a poetry competition when I was 9 years old and, until yesterday, hadn't written a poem in 20 years. 

What have you not done for 20 years?

Stop beating yourself up about having fun.

Go play, be creative, spend all your money on penny sweets, do a cartwheel... you never know... 

You may just end up enjoying yourself!