How to be creative: a counter-intuitive idea

"Go Be Creative"

Those were my words on Friday as I urged you to go and play with goats or something like that. 

But, as many people have fed back, "being creative" is not that easy.

Ever tried to "be creative" whilst looking at a blank sheet of paper?
Or have you ever tried to "have an idea"?

Too. Much. Freedom.

I once got so desperate trying to "be creative" I wrote a melancholy sonnet called "Ode to the blank page" which, as you can imagine, was as crap as it sounds.
My point. 
It's not about freedom. 
Creativity can actually grow stronger from restrictions; from constraints.
Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write an entire story in 6 words:
Although rather sombre, he succeeded:  

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn".

Dr Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham after a challenge to write a book in less than 500 words.
And my fella Cormac challenged me to write a poem about a "Goat called Mountain and a Mountain called Goat".
And in less than 20 minutes I wrote the self-proclaimed masterpiece I shared with you on Friday.
Creativity is not about total mind-boggling freedom. 
Creativity can be squeezed out by setting guidelines and restrictions around our goals and then problem solving to see what we can create in between the lines.
So what do YOU want to create in terms of your sales success?

Set yourself clear, focused, bold, unchangeable challenges.

Ignore convention. Dare to scare.

Then work out how the hell you are going to do it.

Have fun my friends.


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