How to stand out: What 27 naked people taught me about getting clients

I have seen over 27 naked people this week.

  • Twelve people doing naked wheelbarrow races, 
  • Six naked three legged races (work that one out), 
  • Five streakers at a cricket game,
  • Two beautiful ladies in a hot tub, 
  • One disabled man,
  • And a wrinkled pensioner jumping like Charlie Chaplin into a lake (back view).

Yes I saw them all, and yes I remember them all. 
That same festival (Wilderness Festival) I had dinner on a long table with a group of people I had never met before. 
Half way through the dinner I excused myself and I put on a long blond wig over my short reddish hair.
I went back to the table for the big reveal, waiting for everyone to tell me how fabulous I looked, and… 
... no one noticed.
No one noticed my hair was completely different.
I could have come back dressed as a man with a beard and they would have continued to sip gin and tonics whilst discussing the number (and quality) of naked people they had seen.
Awareness, and what we choose to see, is an interesting thing.
In 1998, researchers from Harvard and Kent State University conducted a study to see how much people notice about their immediate environments. 
In the experiment, an actor asked a passer by for directions. 
While the passer by was giving directions, two men carrying a wooden door blocked their view of each other.
And, like a Jonathan Creek magic trick, during the loss of view, the actor was replaced by another actor. 

This new actor had different height and build, and a different outfit, haircut and voice. 
Half of the participants didn’t even notice the swap.


Our brain receives millions of signals every day. 
We filter those that stand out and those that do not.
To get people to notice you, you have to stand out in the sea of forgettable alternatives.

So, in summary, if you DO decide to go streaking down the local High Street with your company logo printed on your nether regions...

Don't worry about doing your hair.

No-one will notice.