How to get MOTIVATED at 6am a Monday morning: What would Bear do?

One morning, Bear wakes up after throwing up all night.
He is weak, cold and shivery. 
He is starving. 
“Waaay too many pints last night,” he thinks as he reaches for the ibuprofen, water and warm duvet and imagines the Egg McMuffin he will eat to make it all go away. 
And realises he is in a tent, alone in the wilderness with no food, water or medicine.
But then he remembers he is Bear Grylls. 
He breaths a sigh of relief and gets up to sort it out.
Realising that he must have eaten faeces the night before (hopefully by accident), a weak, shivering Bear searches for remedial plants to settle his upset stomach.
No Rennies… find a plant and grind it up

Bear then spies a tree famously known for its ibuprofen medicinal qualities so he scales a waterfall and sucks the sap out of it until he is feeling better.

No ibuprofen… scale a waterfall and suck the sap out of a tree
No egg McMuffins... decepitate a crocodile
No skinny Frappuccinos ... drink urine from a snake
No summer duvet... take the guts out of a camel and slip inside

... the list goes on.

How about you?

What do you do...

When its 6am on a Monday morning? 
When you’re tired, unmotivated or unsociable?
When someone’s making you angry, upset or mad? 
When you feel rejected, hurt or alone?
What would Bear do?
Bear has a way of dealing with it all. 
Instead of dwelling on the hardship, the mistake or focusing your energy on the bad situation.
Bear thinks simply...
“This situation is not ideal. How can I improve it?”
It's not ideal.
How can I improve it.

Stay calm and focus your energy on what you want to achieve.
And, like Bear, you are far more likely to achieve it. 

Have a great week,

The Bear Grylls of sales training