Want to sell your stuff? Stop the corporate waffle and start connecting with the reptile brain...

People are inherently lazy.

It is not through any fault of their own, their brains were just designed like that. 

Hit them with a barrage of information about what you sell and they zone out, nod politely and wait for their turn to speak.

It's not that they don't care about what you have to say.

Ok well, actually they don't.

Most people don't really give a monkey's about what you have to say at all.

All they care about is:

  1. Why should I listen to you?
  2. What's for lunch?
  3. Are those biscuits free?

Let me explain.

Our brains have "developed" over millions of years. 

We started in the good old days with reptile brains (hunt, food, sex, hunt, food, fear, fight, hunt, sex, food)

           "I want Biscuit. Biscuit me feel good." (Reptile)

Then we moved to social brains (family, community, people)

           "If I take two biscuits, will she mind?" (Social)

Finally we ended up with complex brains (reason, logic, problem solving)

"If I had not eaten the entire packet of jammy dodgers, I might have felt less guilty about the children crying" (Complex)

All three types of brain are still present in our day-to-day reasoning. 

The thing is that New Information is processed first by the reptile, then the social, and then the complex.
In that order.

Reptile, Social, Complex.

The problem is that most of us communicate by starting with the complex.

We make statements designed for the complex brain:

You say, "We provide telecommunication solutions…"
I think, "Erm…?"

You say, "We are an online platform that links... "
I think, "Huh?"

You say, "We are a crowd sourcing organisation…"
I think, "Where are the biscuits?"

In order to connect with people's reptile brains there is no point giving them complex information. That type of info has to pass through two filters to even be registered. And no one is going to try that hard to understand.

Instead, just like a bone to a dog, you have to show them very clearly and very simply why their reptile brain wants it.

Clearly and Simply. 
In one statement.
Why they want it.

Have a great week!


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