How to ask people to buy: 3 steps to assertive control

I don’t care if you lose control of your children, your bladder, or your Saturday night dance moves.

But when it comes to getting clients, you need total control to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Here are three tips to assertive control and a constant flow of clients.

1. Know your sales process so well that you dream about it.

Sales processes should be simple, easy to follow, and dynamite effective. 

The simplest process could look something like this:

  • Sign up to mailing list
  • Send relevant articles
  • Phone them
  • Meet in person
  • Arrange initial consultation
  • Send invoice and agreement form
  • Start programme
  • Get referrals, testimonials, return on investment
  • Lifelong client

What is your sales process? Map it out now and put it under your pillow.

2. Move them to the next step

Once you know your process, you need to own it and control it.

Don’t let “let’s have coffee” peter out to nothing. Make it happen. Get them on your mailing list. Get a date in the diary.

Don’t end a meeting with “looking forward to hearing from you”.

Get the next steps outlined. Get a time and date in the diary. Do it every time.

3. Ask someone to buy something every day

However bad you are at selling, you are still not going to get anything unless you ask. Get used to asking people to buy. Practice.

You don’t have to like it to do it. Just do it.

It’s easy. Say:

  •  “Would you like me to help you with that?”
  • “When would you like to start?”
  • “Great, lets get a date in the diary for our first session”
  • “Fabulous, how would you like to pay?”

The only thing at risk is your ego. Be abundant, be detached.

Get used to hearing “no”, and you will soon get used to hearing “yes”.

Have a great week!