How to instantly become more attractive and get more clients

Have you ever been to an interview and felt totally violated as you desperately tried to convince them you were right for the role?

Ever felt, while trying to get a client, that you were constantly trying to justify your offer… before slashing the price just to (please, pretty please) seal the deal?

Desperation is not a sexy look.

Like a fruit machine flashing in an empty pub we end up tired, disillusioned… and a little bit embarrassed when nobody comes to play.

Little thought…

When getting clients, do you see yourself as the bee or the flower?

A lot of the time we imagine ourselves to be the bee. We buzz around desperately trying to find the flower, the client. We see the flower as the prize to be won. We are attached to the outcome.

But what if the flower doesn’t want the bee.

What do we do?

Maybe we fly away, rejected and cry into our honey wine.

Or maybe we buzz a little louder, pleading the flower to pay attention, to change it's mind.

I recently worked with a client who, over a few sessions, completely changed the way he approached situations of influence. 

He detached himself from the outcome. He started seeing himself as the prize:

  • He interviewed companies to see if he wanted to work there.
  • He interviewed clients to see if he wanted to work with them.
  • He chose the ones that were the best fit.
  • He believed totally and whole heartedly in the value that he brought to them.
  • He became attractive and people wanted to work with him and to do business with him. His confidence gave them confidence in him, his service and his company.

What can you do this week to become more attractive?

Every time you make a phone call or go to a customer meeting be aware of the perception you have of yourself.

  1. Are you positioning yourself as the bee (desperate) or the flower (the prize)?
  2. Can you easily list the reasons why your contact would be so damn lucky to become a client of yours?

Do this every day this week and look at how it affects the way you talk, the way you hold yourself and the words that you say.

It’s all about feel good sales.

Have a great week!



Growing Roses since 2014

Notes: Metaphor inspired by the Advanced Selling Podcast