Tomorrow is a blank page: who are you going to draw?

There are many blank pages in life.
Stories that have been started that have no ending yet.
Countless blank pages stretching into the distance, waiting to be written on.
We flick through them in our minds and see hope, opportunity, terror.
We put importance on those stories, those endings, those dreams.
We want it to happen.
We really want it to happen.
But what if I asked you:
On today's blank sheet
To draw
A perfect picture
of YOU. 
A beautifully detailed
Of you. 
Could you do it?
Could you draw you?
And if you did, would you be proud of the drawing?
Or would you screw it up and laugh about how terrible it looks, how bad you are at drawing?
The problem is we are greedy.
We are greedy with our happy endings.
We want a perfect picture. And we want it now.
We want to be rich, successful, wealthy, confident, happy, calm, patient, healthy, strong and loved.
But we try one thing, it doesn't work and we screw up the page.
"I cant draw, there's no point trying."
"I can't be patient, there's no point trying"
"I can't be rich, successful, wealthy, confident, happy, calm, healthy, strong and loved..… so there's no point trying"

Every day of our lives is a blank page waiting to be drawn on. 
And in order to be truly great at something we need to practice, reflect, learn and practice some more.
Drawing and re-drawing that picture of you every day will eventually result in a masterpiece.
Whether the outcome is Monet, Picasso or a chopped up formaldehyde cow; it doesn't matter. As long as that masterpiece is your own... and you are proud of it.
Tomorrow is a blank page… as is every day after that.
Who are you going to start to draw?

Big love for the new year my friends,


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