Why we HATE talking about money... and how to break that belief

Talking about money is the Avada Kedavra (unspeakable) curse of modern society.

We are far too British to let people know how much moo-hah we are hiding in the basement.

And so we don't do it. We pretend.

Because to talk about the reality is to put a price on ourselves and others. 

To see our entire worth as a human being violated into a quantifiable figure.

How much are you worth?

"I am worth... £8,000 a year, an old car and an unpaid student loan
"I am worth... £8,000 a week, a large house and multiple investments
"I am worth... £8,000 an day, whatever I want, luxury and more cash than a small country.

Am I?

How much do you believe you are worth?

You see, belief frames judgment. 

Failure. Lazy. Slacker. Cheapskate. Greedy. Arrogant. Worthy. Unworthy. Pompous. Show off. 

Oh the guilt.

Embarrassed to be poor? 
Embarrassed to be rich? 
Embarrassed to be average? 

Embarrassed to be all three (depending on who you are talking to)? 

We are weird creatures.

We have all this money stuff going on in our crazy heads....

And then we get into a sales situation.

We get into a sales situation and we expect ourselves to glide into money conversations like a swan into a moonlit lake.

Now I have observed 1000's of people selling their stuff and I can tell you this...

When it comes to talking about money...
There are rarely swans.
And there are rarely moonlit lakes.

Unless you are talking about the Red Faced Stuttering Swan crashing and burning into the fire-lit lake of money hell.
And then I have seen a few.

People find it hard to talk about money because they just don't do it.

So here is my challenge to you: 

  • Get a post it note and write down "My minimum daily rate is x "
  • Add 50%
  • Stick it somewhere you will see it every day.
  • Every time you see it, say it out loud, slowly and clearly and with confidence. 

Now... go make this happen.

Have a great week!