When disaster strikes your presentation: zip up and move on

You’ve had no sleep,
The car didn't start,
You forgot your notes,
The projector broke down,
You started late,
And someone just told you
your fly's been unzipped
for the last 10 minutes.
The audience soaks you up like a sponge.
Drip.. anxiety
Drip.. embararassment
Drip.. fear
The way you stand
The words you say
The nervous laugh

Its all going wrong.


Is it all going wrong?

Or is wrong a perception?

Whatever goes wrong,
However you are feeling

It is all going exactly to plan.
Exactly to plan.
Exactly to plan.
You breath, the audience breaths,
You smile, the audience smiles
You move on, the audience moves on.

They will not know
How you feel
Unless you tell them.

So breath,
Zip up,
Say thank you
And move on. 

Have a great week!


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