Booze free: Tips on how to survive Dry January

Now its not as though I was an alcoholic, but… 

So I conquered dry January and it was in fact, a breeze. No booze for 31 days and honestly, I could keep going. I think I will. Turns out it was pretty easy to change the habit of a lifetime. My head is clear and I have hardly any anxiety. Been doing loads of sport. Life is good!

I put together a list of tips that I found worked for me, to go dry.

  • Get rid of all the booze in the house the night before you start (I had a huge party, loads of fun)
  • Don’t go to the pub in the first few weeks, you will just torture yourself
  • If you go to the pub, some people look “dissapointed” when you say you are not drinking and will try to persuade you to drink. (This was the hardest one for me- to stay strong) They are being selfish recognise it as peer pressure (they want you to get smashed as they believe it is more fun and they feel guilty doing it on their own) and say no. How to deal with them:
  • Don't say “I’m not drinking”, say “I am doing something else” (mine was “I’m going mountain biking in the morning) 
  • Say you are driving
  • Know WHY you are doing it and hold fast to your better purpose
  • Get the first round in, buy non alcoholic beer for you (and your mates if you want to have a quiet laugh), put it in a glass and then milk it
  • Have loads of nice soft drinks at home
  • Reward yourself with things you like and plan fun things to do at the weekend

Now it is not as though we were alcoholics but since giving up the booze, in a friendship group of three, two have started up a business, one has started learning the piano, one has joined a band and all our bank balances are mega.

However on the flip side, there are some negatives. I haven't stopped working. I used to rely on lie ins on Saturday and Sunday as my switch off time. Now I am up with the birds and doing house renovations at 7am. 

Life is sweet though.

Good luck!


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