The 28 day cold shower challenge... could you?

My friends have not stopped laughing at me since I told them that I am going to do a 28 day cold shower challenge. No warm showers for 28 Days. In February. With snow on the ground. Yes, so as long as the pipes do not ice over, I am going to immerse myself at 6.00 every morning, head to toe, in a horrifically ambitious attempt to see what the fuss is all about.

You see people rave about cold showers. Health benefits, energy, endurance, optimal anxiety, motivation, resilience, mental clarity are all on the cards for brave soldiers who freeze their bits off every morning underneath a jet of liquid ice.

The thing is, Google is a wonderful tool for proving reassurance for people who type “What are the benefits of… ” into the search engine. Try it. Type, “What are the benefits of putting lemon juice in your eye?” “What are the benefits of eating human waste?”, and you will be lovingly reassured that it is the latest technique to cure eye inflammation or the new chic superfood.

But still, film stars (Audrey Hepburn), adventurers (Allistar Hummphreys) and successful entrepreneurs (Phil Drolet) all claim that it is good stuff.

Well, the only way to know is to try it. 

I start tomorrow....

Have a great week,