Four ways to be the very BEST at what you do: Quality advice from a double Olympic Gold Medalist

I was fortunate enough to hear Sarah Gosling speak last week at a conference by Mancroft International. She is incredible. When you look at peak performance, I have never met anyone who operates at optimum or cares more than her. She dedicated her life to winning two olympic gold medals and her “single minded” approach to success got her gold both times.

After she finished her speech, a sceptic from the audience stated.

“its amazing your achievements, but is it possible for us to achieve what you have? We cannot dedicate our life single-mindedly to success, we have other commitments; family, children… Is it possible for the normal person?”

“Since I left sailing” she replied, “I have had two children and I am no longer an olympic sailer. In fact, I retrained three years ago and now I am a pastry chef.”

The audience relaxed into a state of “I told you so” mentality. No-one can possibly succeed to great heights with commitments such as children. She is not superhuman after all.

“I had never done pastry before”, she continued. “I decided to give it a go three years ago… and now I am pastry chef for the Queen”

I was not the only one that got tingles down my spine when she said that.

I can’t remember if the round of applause was in my head or if it was from the people in the room, but that was a special moment for me. I took my hat off to her and put her high on my pedestal of people to admire, respect and to follow.


So HOW does she do it?

She gave a huge amount of fantastic advice in her speech, but these were the ones that really stood out for me:


1. Make the right choices

We can make all the excuses in the world for why this success wouldn't apply to us.

But ultimately we are just blaming situations that we have chosen to be in, people we have chosen to be with, things we have chosen not to do, or lack of money we have chosen not to make. 

Take responsibility right now to make the right choices going forward to make it happen.


2. Have a lofty goal

Make “Silver” a bitter disappointment. Make gold the ONLY option. Whatever your goal is, bump it up. Make it more, bring it forward, do it now. Not “in the future” when you “think you will be ready”. Focus on the very, very best and don't give up until you get it.


3. Start at the top

Who are you role models? Who do you admire in life? Who do you want to be? 

Do these people even know that you exist? 

Talk to the top, follow them, comment on their blogs, be friends with them, email them, call them, meet them. Let them know your goal. Stop hanging around and get up there with them.


4. Get the best people to help you achieve your goal

Get into the best places to train to develop your skills. These people are the best for a reason. Stop making excuses for WHY you can't do that and go make it happen.

Learn from the best, network with the best, and you are on a surefire path to being the best.

Who are you going to contact today to start the ball rolling?


Have a great week!


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