The key to success: from Latin America

I woke up with a bolt as if I had been electrocuted.

Anxiety flooding in to my heart. Where am I? What time is it? I have to do something!

It was 5am, in Lima, Peru, and I was wide awake.

Damnit. I realised I had promised myself a strict email ban. No email. No work.


I couldn’t sleep. No-one was awake.

The concept of having a gap of time to fill with nothing to do frilled me with dread.

I looked at my strengths. I am a go getter, proactive, driven, creative, organised. Great people skills.

Surely I should be able to rustle something up?

But a go getter with nothing to "go get" is an anxiety filled worrier.

I was so "driven" I had read all my books and done everything on my to do list during the 16 hour flight here. And it was only day 1.

I decided to go with "creative" and started to draw different animals on a piece of paper. Bored.

Spanish? I will learn Spanish. How?! Guitar? Too loud. Go for a walk. Dangerous. Home. Work. Scraps, my dog.. Everything was running through my mind.

Meditation. I tried to focus on the breath. Decided I should go online and order a meditation app as I certainly couldn’t get rid of the clutter in my brain. Crap. No wifi. How do people cope.

I got up and trapesed around the hotel.

And then, at 6am, in the little brightly painted courtyard outside the hotel, I met Fernandes.

Short, smiley and with kind eyes, he held himself like an actor, and walked around the room enigmatically, like he was on stage; chest out, arms strong and open.

He was polishing his shoes when I met him.

"You know the first thing I say to myself when I get up in the morning? He said to me in English, without introduction.

He looked up at the sky, stretched out his hand towards the morning sun and with the wide, eccentric hand movements that only that of Latin American can achieve, he said loudly and clearly,

“I greet this day with love in my heart.

And how do I do this?

I look on all things with love and be born again.

I love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I love the rain for it cleanses my spirit.

I love the light for it shows me the way; yet I love the darkness for it shows me the stars.

I welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart; yet I endure sadness for it opens my soul.

And then I polish my shoes.

That my friend is the key to success"

Half spellbound, half laughing at his overacted performance, the anxiety flowed out of me, we started laughing, and I watched the dawn break on a new day.

Have a great week,


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