Sorry to bust your bubble but... You are not quite as important as you think you are

I had the shakes and sweats. I was going cold turkey.

I was going to internet rehab. 5 days in the Andean mountains.

It is 16 December 2016 and have been “away from work” for two weeks, but, just like an alcoholic with their breakfast gin, I am still tapping in at 7am every morning to make sure everyone is OK.

5 days. How will people cope without me?

I stopped myself at that question.

How will people cope? Without me?

I started thinking about all the things I have been worrying about. My clients being unhappy I am away. My house and business falling into disrepair. My dog howling every night without me. My family distraught and tearfully counting down the days until I return.

Then the roundhouse kick of realisation struck me right in the stomach:

I realised that, oh god.… I am not actually the centre of the universe.  Ouch.

Life was going on without me.

And it was going on pretty damn well.

I stopped worrying that the world cannot cope without me…. and I started worrying that… bloody hell…

I think it can.

Clients happy, business coming in, house intact, dog delighted with his new dog-sitter, family happily counting down the days until their Christmas together…

I mused on this point for a good half an hour and after some serious reflection, I overcame the broken image of self-importance in my head.

I decided; it’s not that I am irrelevant when I am away.

But there is a huge amount of freedom in realising that the world you create can go on without you.

You just have to create the right world.

Dreams are held back through worry. Worry you can’t cope. Worry others can’t cope without you.

If you have taken the time to build something beautiful and sustainable then you are free to fly away and be safe in the knowledge that the nest will be OK when you return.

Smiling at my epiphany, I shut down my laptop, confident that internet rehab would be a breeze…

And swiftly poured myself a 7.30am gin to celebrate.

Have a great week,


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